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7 Time Saving Make Up Secrets I learnt at ‘Easy Makeup And Hairstyle Workshop’ By Image Consultant Gayathri Menon

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Womenfolk are always on move. Work, family, to do list, kids, with so many priorities in life self-care becomes last priority. In rush of life, it is so challenging to take out time for proper makeup. So many days happens when my eyeliner refuses to be straight or my lashes refuse to curl and then you feel so helpless as being a woman, we all want to look our best. Recent ‘Easy Makeup Steps And Hairstyle’ workshop by Makeup Artist and Image Consultant Gayathri Menon in Singapore helped me to pick up certain tricks and tips to save my precious time and also to apply makeup right way to look my best-

  1. Spraying Foundation mist on the face is the new trend. Giving a dewy look and settling on skin perfectly it saves lots of time and avoids putting up layers of different products. Gayathri loves using Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System which has primer, foundation, bronzer and shimmer. The lightweight formula blurs skin imperfections and delivers high-definition photo ready coverage
  2. In a hurry, you can use fingertips to spread eyeshadows over eyelids. Use dark colours at the corner of eyes mixing it with light colour at the centre with a touch of shimmer at the corner above eyes.
  3. To avoid lipstick stains on teeth Gayathri recommends using a lip liner before lipstick to help the lipstick stay on longer
  4. Highlighters are the magic trick which can just change your overall look if applied correctly on high cheeks and a touch on nose and chin and doesn’t require much time.
  5. To avoid smudging over eyes use small mascara brushes for fast application of mascara.
  6. Spraying mineral water mist from a distance on the face, after application of makeup, is a small trick to give a fresh makeup look.
  7. Hairstyling can be given perfection by usage of hairstyling tools. As per your requirements, you can give little curls at the bottom or give a straight look. Make sure you bring hair near to the plates of the tuft styler to have a smooth look overall. She recommends ‘Play By TUFT  Heated Styler’ which provides versatile styling to hair. It also smoothes and creates volume, lifts, flips and waves.

Check out details about upcoming workshops by Gayathri Menon at   www.gayathrimenon.com

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