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Tips to Manage Money from Financial Advisor Swarna Kalyan

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome guest Swarna Kalyan from Singapore, who is an independent Financial advisor helping her clients achieve their financial goals through thoughtful planning. In the Talk Show Swarna is sharing deep insights on what to take care of while managing your finances-

Swarna is quite passionate about creating financial literacy, especially among women. She suggests that women tribe has to make herself more aware of various financial activities and how to manage self finances themselves and not be dependent on others to manage.

Swarna is passionate about helping individuals understand the Financial planning maze thought simple to understand examples. A strong advocate of financial literacy and its relevance in the current times.

Ranjani Nellore, Smitha Venkatesh & Nandini Vijayaragavan, and Swarna Kalyan have put together a survey to assess the attitudes and preferences, especially women, towards household finances and investing. They are targeting to collect at least 1,000 valid responses to conduct a meaningful study of this subject and write a series of news of newspaper columns and/ blog posts.

Your participation in this survey will help them immensely. Feel free to circulate the survey link among your adult family and friends. Adults of all genders may respond to this survey, please visit ‘SURVEY’!

Visit Swarna’s Blog to know more about Finance Mnagement-


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