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Episode 6: Bizway- An Online Presence Platform Talk Show presents Entrepreneur Ravishekar Kalepu’s Wow Story

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Womenlines in collaboration with Solworxs, a business company from India, takes pleasure to present BIZWAY– An Online Presence Platform. Womenlines is an online magazine promoting excellence in women across the globe so they can become the best version of themselves. Solworxs is a business services company in India, founded by Mani Lakkaraju, wheeling the ideations and helping Entrepreneurs to Transform their ideas in Businesses with support of Mentoring, Technology Advisory, Fund Raising.

Bizway is an international Online Presence Platform with key objective to foster beyond by enabling the business to grow into the future.

The platform solves three issues-
(1) Soft version of a shark tank for business to pitch
(2) Cross border promotion of product & services
(3) Access for enthusiastic professionals

We at Bizway, host the show online with the Entrepreneurs to create their wow story and we bring up the key insights plus valuable learning from the speakers on this online show which will be presented to the world in the form of Business Bytes.

Email urbizway01@gmail.com to register for the show!

In the sixth episode, we present wow story of Entrepreneur Ravishekar Kalepu, Director, RR-GTM Ventures Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad, India.


Early Stage Investor, Mentor and Business / Strategy Advisor

An expert in exploring startup ideas and understanding the disruptive advantage in an innovative proposal. His intuitions have played a vital role in recognizing bold transformative ideas.

Ravishekar has worked closely with startups that have invested and fine-tune their strategy with his expertise gained from two and a half decades of expertise in CRM management. His assets are creating a workable business module for startups and market validations of the products. Helping startups to define their business goals, develop a feasible finance model and helping them designing a growth strategy is my hobby. He is open to offer strategic advisory to budding entrepreneurs and help them scale up.

Networking and staying in touch has been a challenging assignment that Ravishekar has mastered. This helps in connecting startups with many high profile personalities with whom he is associated. This not only helps them grow but also aids them in assessing their dynamics.

From a regular 9-5 job in senior positions at Global IT Corporations, Ravishekar has shifted his focus to creating value proposition to the ecosystem.He is fascinated with new ideas that bring about a rapid change in the society.

The Other side of Ravishekar, he is a philanthropist and works in the area of serving the destitute children. His ambition is to create a home for these less fortunate children and serve them for their enhancement by giving them equal opportunities. 


The following are the key takeaways from the session
(1) Look around check for what you are living with to find the best opportunity and define a solution
(2) Don’t reinvent the wheel and always better option is to innovate the solution
(3) Proper research of the problem before framing the solution with a minimum of 5 points in MVP
(4) Get to traction for the early stage and look for funding so the next steps can follow at ease
(5) Connect with early-stage investors providing curated startups for funding in the 1st one year

Connect with Ravishekar at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravikalepu/

As a startup founder reach out to Solworxs (http://www.solworxs.com/) organization which can help you to transform your ideas in businesses with the support of Mentoring, Technology Advisory, Fund Raising.

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