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Top 9 Weight Loss Tips for Women

weight loss tips for women

Are you looking out for the best tips to lose weight? The Womenlines team has picked up the top 9 weight loss tips for women which are really effective. Do follow these tips regularly to lose weight and share with your network too-


1. Always stick to healthy eating, on weekends too

When you focus on eating well from Monday to Friday but the moment weekends come you get into the party mode, your weight loss plan will never work for you. Instead of indulgence over the weekend focus on following the healthy eating rule.


2. Maintain a food journal

A food journal can be of great help as you can have a detailed view of your eating habits.Track your food and beverage intake for a week, then look back to check if you’re taking in any extra calories anytime . Remind yourself that journey of loosing weight involves some trials, and with time you understand which food is good for you and which is not.


3. Never compare yourself with others

Every individual is having different type of body.Always do what works for you and never compare yourself to others. You should be having a positive mindset for your weigh loss journey. Your determination is only going to help you in the long run. Once you start comparing yourself you are getting insecure about yourself which will affect your confidence. Never ever compare yourself.

4. Follow some exercise routine everyday, may be start small but do start

Exercise is must to do activity everyday. If you don’t love exercising then may be you start small. It may be 10 mins jogging or 10 mins yoga. May be aerobics for 10 mins. Experiment with various types of exercises and see which one is good for you. Start small in the beginning and increase the pace slowly.

5. Divide your meals when in restaurant

Eating small portions is the best way to lose weight. This can be applied if you are in some restaurant too. Always share your meal with your friend. If you are eating alone then you can just take out that portion of food which you can eat easily. Remaining food can be packed for home.

6. Move your body in lunch break mindfully

People follow some exercise routine usually in morning time. If some activity can be added during lunch time also it can be a great way to boost your mood and get rid off some stress.May be just getting up from chair and taking few mins stroll or some stretching. Intention is to give some movement to body.


7. Get in love with Vegetables

While growing up you very well remember how many time you were told “Eat your vegetables!”! Though it must be next to impossible for you to eat several servings of vegetables a day.Still, there’s no denying we need vegetables as they’re low in calories, very rich in fibre, phytochemicals, minerals etc. You can increase the intake of vegetables by either preparing soup, adding in salads or eating raw vegetables. You can also sneak vegies in spaghetti or pasta.

8. Make sure your belly is full while shopping groceries

 If you are going for shopping empty stomach it will be a big disaster as you are definitely going to pick wrong food.Always make sure you are having a prepared list so that you are not going for impulse buying.Always remember that you can eat right only if you are having healthy food in your refrigerator and pantry.

9. Eat food slowly

Eating slowly will allow you to enjoy your food more. When you chew properly it will help to signal the beginning of the digestive process at right time.It will also help you to concentrate on what you eat and you will eat the right quantity of food that your body needs for its optimal performance.

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