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Women Accessories at Workplace


Dress for success doesn’t complete by just wearing elegant business attire, personal grooming and perfect women accessories make you a complete packet. As your clients and investors keep an eye on each and every detail, so should you. Just a small bag of your laptop speaks about your personality.

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Carrying together an overall corporate personality, especially for work-at-home women is very important. The way of carrying business attire along with beautiful women’s accessories can actually make a difference to your business in terms of clients and investors. As it reflects your inner beauty too along with the outer one.
Though in some workplaces they allow the proper dress code beyond which you are not allowed to wear anything, in that case also it is all up to you how you carry that particular dress code. So for that, we are trying to help you to get some ideas of basic women accessories.

Some Interesting Hacks For Women Accessories We Brought Are –

  1. Watch: Carrying a watch reflects your personality as a disciplined and responsible one. Especially if you are going for a job interview or meeting, this one accessory can appear to be your plus point as it makes you appear a reliable and organized person, because one who values his time values his money too.
  2. Handbag: A small and elegant handbag is a must to carry, as it not only helps you to enhance your look, rather it also provides you an ease in carrying  your daily essential items, which is very important in women’s life. So, get it one for you now itself  if not having.
  3. Earning and Necklace: A small sized round screw earring will be the right choice for the office place. Try to avoid the long ones as it isn’t much appreciated in the workplace. But you can definitely go with that in any office party or a get together. If you are not a person who much likes to wear earrings then a small, fine thin pearl necklace can work.
  4. A ring: Wearing a ring could be a symbol for some ladies and could be just an ornament for some. If you are using it as an ornament, then try not to wear those heavy stoned ones.
  5. A Small Brooch: Not in the mood to wear a necklace? No worries, just simply take your white or black shirt and a colorful small brooch. In my suggestion, put the brooch on the collar of your shirt, and see the difference. Just a small colorful piece can change your entire attire.
  6. The Belt: Adding a belt to your dress just to fit on those loose pants isn’t enough. You can go with some stylish belts with beautiful dresses too. Belt is supposed to highlight your waist apart from supporting pants, trousers, and skirts.
  7. Scarves: There are a number of ways to carry a scarf. My personal favorite one is just a simple knot across the collar works. Carrying a nice and colorful scarf can make your day wonderful. The best part of this is you don’t have to carry any fancy accessory with it. Simply use it either with your collar shirt or some top.

Since business attire is important while presenting yourself in front of others, it is equally important to add the correct accessories with it. So, all the ladies try these women’s accessories to your business attire and see the difference. 

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion – as such, you should use them liberally”

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Kamna Singh

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  1. Ayub Ansari

    Hey Kamna! I must say that it’s very well-written….I appreciate how you emphasize that the right accessories can make a woman look more confident and professional, and how it can reflect one’s inner beauty too.. Thank you and keep up the good work..

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