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Top Tips for Networking Virtually from Expert Marc Jarrett

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Professional Networker Marc Jarrett from England who has shared the best tips for networking virtually in the above video-

When people ask him what he does for a living, Marc says just three words:

“I connect dots”.

Marc is a Disruptive Game-Changing Virtual Power Networker and Super Connector.

He has always enjoyed connecting with people. It’s hardwired into his DNA. When he first started his career in banking, he was sometimes reprimanded – quite rightly – for chatting too much. Now some 35 years later, he is capitalizing on his gregarious nature by facilitating introductions by utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies.

Virtual Power-Networking™ is my sweet spot – tell me who you want to get in front of, and I’ll do my best to help you meet the person!

Marc runs 120+ WhatsApp groups casing several business areas. He has been a valued member of the Frontrunners League. He helps companies win more business internationally, providing leadership from successes won early on in telecoms.

Marc is also a Senior Vice President of Gottesman Company. It is the biggest network of independent M&A Brokers in America. He launched the world’s first celebrity chatline platform. He was also first to market with mobile or cellphone “tuning” products (logos and ringtones) in the U.K., which ultimately became a multi-million-dollar industry year 2000.

He works to help U.S. and U.K. businesses to establish themselves within Europe’s wide-reaching and wealthy market, Germany.

Marc had, for years, been working with U.S. businesses to set up headquarters (professionally and personally) in the U.K with Virtual Power Networking.

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcjarrett/

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