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Traits for Entrepreneurial Success for Womenfolk! (Part 1)

Are you thinking to start a business?


You are not alone!

It reported that women are starting business twice a rate as a man. There are plenty of reasons why women want to start a business and establish themselves as entrepreneurs. Childcare concern, lack of job security, threats of job loss, the potential for increasing income, and major reason what I think is the need for flexible work schedules. It’s not an easy task to establish any business. I searched out through some books which discuss these traits which I want to share with my blog readers.

Make no mistake, It will take a lot of persistence and hard work to get you from a great idea to profit-making business. It has to be something that you really want to do, a real burning desire that motivates you into action.  You will need this motivation, determination, doggedness to drive and sustain you through this new way of life. It is both exciting to contemplate going into business for yourself, and frightening as you worry about the changes, that the business will bring to you and to your family with the fear of failure of the idea itself!

Qualities which are common in entrepreneurs are-

1.PROFESSIONALISM Business has to be treated as a business whether you work out at the office, a centre, or why not you are home! You have to be particular about your working hours, stationary, treating customers, and business contacts in a professional manner, staying current with the latest information in your trade and conducting yourself in a manner that establishes you as an expert in your field.

2.SELF-CONFIDENCE– Prepare yourself well for your business, this will infill you with confidence and then you can handle your tasks very well. Take to research the ventures that interest you. A good business plan will only help you to succeed. It’s always good to investigate, research, observe how others are carrying their business. When you observe others doing and moreover your research about their failures, success history, it gives you edge in terms of having the confidence to meet those obstacles.

3. PERSISTENCE– It is true that if you want to succeed you will have to persevere to reach your goals. If you need an answer concerning to your business, someone can help you, you have to just look around. Don’t leave hope if you are not getting your answers easily, but be persistent. You may have to face many obstacles, problems, and other negative things but you have to be firm and continue your work. Your persistence can play a very important role in your success.

4. FLEXIBILITY– When you start your business you have to be open-minded.  You have to be open to any other opportunity which can suddenly pop in front of you. I read one example that there was one lady who opened one antique shop in her remodelled barn. She decided to carry lace curtains and pottery. There was such a demand for the curtains that now she advertises them in several magazines.  The point is that when you start your business to serve a certain market, but because of new customer demand your business may go in entirely new direction than you expected.  You have to be alert and ready to change direction. The survival of your business may depend on your willingness to change.



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