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Activities for Kids! Part 5

Activities help kids to active, agile, and alert!

As a parent, we can teach different skills which can be taught while carrying some activity. This two activity help in teaching kids about the importance of time and what to do during an emergency.

1.PLAN FOR EMERGENCY- Take a paper and write word emergency on top of it.Just below it write FIRE, POLICE, AND AMBULANCE in three columns.You can put pictures of fire under word fire, and pictures of a police car and ambulance below words police and ambulance.  With your child look for the phone numbers in the directory and fill the numbers under the column headings. Practise with your child what to do in case of emergency. With your finger on the end call button, help your child dial the phone number and speak correctly to the speaker. Have your child give the home address, phone number and request the help that is needed. Practise this until the time your child has the confidence to do it on his own.

2. HOW MUCH TIME- This activity can help in making your kid more efficient as he will learn about how time flies. Read a book with him for five minutes and then count the pages you have read. He will be surprised to see the results. You can ask him to observe time in between two commercials. , brushing his teeth, getting ready for the school, doing homework, setting the table and various other activities. He will learn the importance of time.


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