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Valentine Day With New Approach!

A day of love, a day for romance, a day to admire your Valentine, that’s the Valentine day!

Every year this day comes with lots of celebration around. Young couples can be spotted with roses and chocolates to gift each other. Media hype and smart marketing have branded this day to some extent. Its a day to express your love to your sweetheart, to surprise him with some special gift and spend some quality time with him. Some couples are not in favour of celebrating valentines day as they say that for them every day is a valentine day when they can express their love for each other. They may sound right, If you really love some person by heart then why to wait for some particular day to express your love. Sounds interesting!

Whatever the reason still valentine day has its importance. Just depends on you that how you want to celebrate. It’s easy to splurge money and gift your sweetheart a lavish dinner and costly gift. Why not take this day with some different approach to bring some spice to your love life.Try to be very creative with your gift. Take it as a challenge, both of you, to buy the gift in certain amount only which is minimal. Or waken the inner poet within you and express your love in words to your beloved. A very creative way of celebrating the day was seen in Singapore. One guy planned his dinner with his sweetheart at the beach. He set up a table very close to water waver, cooked the dinner himself and invited his girlfriend for this surprise dinner.Moreover, he carried his guitar with himself and sang beautiful songs for his sweetheart. That lovely candlelight dinner will be always a memorable one for his lover.

The point is to spend some quality time with each other. As a woman, we love receiving gifts, but Valentine’s day gives a chance to gift your valentine to reflect your love for your sweetheart. It will not be effective at its cost but definitely how thoughtful were you with your idea.

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