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Women can Play Important Role in Spreading Positivity in World!

Positive Energy is the most required energy in the world today and women can take a lead in spreading it. Quite surprising but as the negative things are happening around, still positivity can play important role in balancing the situation.

New ways of spreading that positive energy are being searched out. Recently in Singapore MP Seng Han Thong set an example for spreading positive energy around. Mr. Seng was suffered major burn while somebody threw inflammable liquid on him. Despite this, he was ready to send new year wishes to his near and dear ones by his own hand. In the hospital, he was determined to send those wishes himself. Another idea which he suggested was the opening of an Internet site where any individual or company can share their stories that how they are dealing with the recession scenario and can share those unique stories where they have come across such incidence of determination. What a positive idea!

Things are really going bad. The recession is there, people are losing their jobs, pays are getting reduced. It’s like a shock to most of the people. In today’s time’s people lead a materialistic life, often running after something or the other. When one target is achieved then they start thinking about the other target. Recession and job cuts have created a vacuum in such groups. People are getting frustrated, depressed, and hopeless. Many cases of suicides, whole family being killed out of frustration, or murdering the person responsible for the job cuts in the particular company are being reported.

There is really urgent need of spreading a wave of positive energy around. This is the time only when we can help each other and prove that humanity is still alive. Share the stories of success with each other, groups can be formed that can organize motivating events at weekends. Sending motivating SMSs is one of the ways to motivate each other. Emails are the other most common form of communication. Newspapers can start particular columns for motivation only. Electronic media can also form a major platform to show programs reflecting the lighter side of life.

Why we make life so complicated? It’s about loving each other, working towards the internal growth and making each day memorable. Instead of cribbing about our losses we should try to work towards some different goal. Why waste precious time of life in depressing thoughts, frustrating ourselves or cursing others. We can see the situation another way that maybe God has given us a chance to pursue some other work which we can deliver better. Sad days will definitely pass away as it is said time doesn’t remain the same always.So womenfolk, start spreading positive energy around for your own betterment only!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!

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