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What’s up with What’s App!

Whats app is buzzing a lot as an instant messaging subscription platform and is getting popular day by day!

I am full of gratitude to Brian Acton and Jan Koum for coming up with such an innovative app which has become very important part of my life and is helping in building up good relationships with my relatives and friends as I am far away from my native place.

The concept of chatting online for free with friends and family members was actualized when Whats App in 2009 came as a dream come true as it allowed talking to friends sitting ocean apart on the go and absolutely free.Sending messages was very costly and was between 5 Rs -15 Rs. Whats App came as such an incredible solution as it made the direct entry on Smartphone users where one can stay connected round the clock with friends and loved ones without doing anything.

I myself was benefited a lot because of this App. I can communicate with my close ones with ease and comfort and anytime. This charm of a possibility of using the app without any logins and just blurting out what we want to communicate was absolutely brilliant. Not only one to one communications, whats app made it possible to include multiple people in one time chatting. Ease of making groups lead to the formation of so many friends group, cousins group, office group etc which became a cool platform for sharing thoughts and bonding. Organizing parties and get together, picnics has become so easy as one can make groups on whats app and invite everybody and check their availability. It’s so popular that instead of asking for other details while meeting the first time people check availability at whats’ app.:)

Whats App was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. Both are ex-Yahoo employees and both shared passion of building something which people are excited to use and can improve their lives.And both hated advertising, that’s why whats app is still out of clutches of adds.The question arises how whats app makes money?

WhatsApp makes money in two ways. They charge iPhone users a one-time $.99 fee upon installation. They charge Android users $.99 every year (after the first year). Lots of people have paid Acton and Koum $.99. It doesn’t take a very complicated estimation to figure out that 250 million people paying $.99 once or annually add up to a lot of money – millions and millions of dollars.Anybody can estimate the huge percentage of that money is going straight into their pockets.  The company has taken little to zero outside investment. Their company does all its development in Russia, where there is cheap talent.

On 13th June 2013, WhatsApp announced on Twitter they have made a new record by processing 27 billion messages. Its a record unbelievable.  WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum recently announced that his company has 350 million active users each month.

In today’s time’s  apps that provide “a deeper and richer experience” will win the fragmented mobile messaging space. Thinking along those lines, it remains to be seen if simplicity will continue to triumph over multimedia. What lies in the future is not known. There have been rumors that Whats App may soon be chargeable. With the rapid technological advancements, we may expect free video calls via Whats App.

Womenlines wishes all the best to Whats App team for more creative innovations!

Charu Mehrotra

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