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Global Women’s Leadership Journey- WIN Conference 2019 at Athens

Womenlines is delighted to be a Digital Media Partner for Women’s International Networking (WIN) Conference at Athens. Grab the golden opportunity to nurture the Leader within you at the WIN Conference at Athens from 2-4 (5) October 2019!

The Global WIN is a pioneering conference and one of the world’s leading learning and development experiences designed, curated and executed through a feminine lens. The world is still not an equal and inclusive place and we believe it could be. The UN is referring to gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment in their SDG5 and we are doing our part to reach that goal.

Global WIN has an ambitious vision to transform the world, companies, and individuals in an authentic, feminine and global way. We look at how to run companies that prosper, where people flourish and the planet thrives. Participants will network with purpose, passion, and compassion, while getting up to speed on a wide range of topics ranging from the future of work, AI, the circular economy to inclusion, resilience, organizational creativity, and feminine leadership. They will meet women in STEM, business and the arts while learning how to tap into their inner power and make things happen – at work, in the world, and in their lives.

Join to expand your mind, join to enrich your soul, and join to become part of a powerful network of influence as we are set to create no less than a new world.”


Register: https://bit.ly/2M642DP

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