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IYLIF 2018 Leads the Path to Develop the Youth and Reimagine Education

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As an online media partner, Womenlines takes pleasure to share brief about International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum (2018) in Singapore-

Marks have got only little to do with the future readiness of our children. If that is the case, what helps them to make them future-proof? That was the main thread that IYLIF 2018 dealt with in its annual conference.


International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum (IYLIF) was held on the 23rd and 24th of September at Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore.Radio Masti 24*7 Live Singapore was the ‘Official Radio Station’ for IYLIF 2018. As in the previous year, this year also had a theme that was very timely. “Education Disruption in the world of artificial intelligence”, was the theme of IYLIF 2018.


In order to make our children future-ready, it is essential to reimagine education. That will only be fair when we bring all stakeholders of education together. And that is exactly what IYLIF conferences do. Youth, educators, industry experts, thought leaders and parents came together to create a dialogue to reimagine education.


The most commendable aspect of IYLIF is its tradition of making youth one of the stakeholders of education. International Youth Ambassadors, identified through a selection process, from various countries, is a major voice of this conference. What is even more commendable is its strong focus on coaching the International Youth Ambassadors with confidence and public speaking skills and mentoring them to take their ideas into action.


IYLIF 2018 was very successful in empowering the students, parents, educators with the strong mindset and knowledge about how to groom students from an early stage of life with the skillset required for future.

 Sindu Sreebhavan is the Founder and Chairperson of IYLIF, CEO of As Many Minds Pte Ltd, author of Infinite Possibilities and lead author of Breakthrough. She is doing the amazing work of promoting excellence in youth through the incredible platform of International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum (IYLIF). Sindu says, “IYLIF is in the process of creating a pool of young change makers from around the world and to help them realize their real potential. In the next five years, we have a mission to help 1 million youth unlock their potential.” With such a vision, it is easy to see why eminent personalities and organizations rally behind her to support her achieve her goal.


The first day of the event was the IYLIF 2018 Annual Conference. It was highlighted by speeches and panel discussions by keynote speakers, and International Youth Ambassadors, from various countries.A vision becomes a success only when it is supported by people who have the calibre to execute it. Sindu has put together a great team in achieving that. The chief mentor of the IYLIF program is the internationally famous next-level leadership readiness expert, author of international bestsellers on leadership and the World Champion of Public Speaking Manoj Vasudevan.

Dr. Snighdha Sharma worked together with Sindu to ensure the management of the highly successful IYLIF 2018. The speakers and mentors at the forum were another testimony to the fact that IYLIF is going to stay for years to come. Dynamic international speaker Avi Liran was the opening keynote speaker for the event. He encouraged the audience to DARE. Vivek Kumar, Executive Director, NTUC Singapore; Board Member of IMDA, NTUC Club, ESH Honorary Chairman of Asia Pacific Advisory Board of CMO Council spoke on “Being ready for the Future”. Hitesh Ramchandani, the young international celebrity speaker empowered the audience with his speech “Better than normal Gen Z.” Tay Guan Hin spoke about “Paper or Passion”, the age-old question by sharing his inspiring life story of an academic failure to becoming the Global Executive Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson.

 Other eminent speakers and panelists such as Jonathan CheeKhyati KapaiLavinia Thanapathy, Mavis Ho, Michael HenryMichelle MartinMs. SuchiPuja TalesaraRahul ShahRamesh I. PereraRayson ChooSamiksha TembhurneSandeep PachpandeSelvakumar Simon, Sonia Kapur, Varada MurthyVicky VaswaniVivek IyyaniYana Fry.

Ruby Mathur, Aditi Vasudevan, Andrena Phoon and Sehr Sannah Kapur did a great job with hosting the conference as the masters of ceremonies. The three International Youth Ambassadors from last year, Aditi Vasudevan, Andrena Phoon and Sehr Sannah Kapur took the responsibility of MCing the event, along with Ruby, with much enthusiasm and confidence. All panel discussions sparkled with interaction. The combination of masterful facilitation and expert panelists resulted in making it one of the best interactive events in the city. What is more interesting is the fact that the forum also used technological platforms to boost audience interaction.

 IYLIF 2018 explored four major perspectives in relation to education disruption – technology, values and soft skills, diversity and professional development for teachers to equip them to face the uncertain future. Keynote by Zubin Daruwalla on the topic “Role of mentorship in education” opened up a crucial area we often tend to miss. International Youth Ambassadors amazed the audience with their impressive speaking skills, ideas and quality of thoughts. The mentoring provided to them was evident in their speeches.

 On Day 2 of IYLIF 2018, there were separate workshops for teachers and parents. The students took on a journey from a growth mindset to SMILE to design thinking to Morse Code translation. At the students’ workshop, while Sindu Sreebhavan facilitated her favourite topics Growth Mindset and Design Thinking, Ruqya Khan took a session on SMILE and Gabriel Perumal on Morse Code translation. At the teachers’ workshop, Manoj Vasudevan mesmerized his audience with his talk on public speaking and storytelling skills for teachers. Furthermore, there was a mesmerizing session on values by Mallika KripalaniSindu Sreebhavan took a session on “How to implement growth mindset in the classroom.”


We see how IYLIF is becoming a major voice in implementing its tagline – “Creating the future.” IYLIF 2018 was extremely successful in giving the much-needed pointers to the education industry, parents, youth and educators. We are sure the education systems around the world has taken notice of the takeaways from this forum. If they take action on at least ten-per cent of those pointers, I am sure we will have a brighter future ahead.


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