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10 tips to decorate your kid’s room!

As a parent we want our kids to be happy and if we are able to provide them with a beautiful corner done with some creative touch it can help them to enjoy their childhood much better way. Here are certainly creative ways which can help you-

1.  www.wallwords.com provides fantastic quotes and printed words to apply directly to your child’s walls. If you are feeling thrifty and adventurous, use a transparent sheet to print your favorite inspiring quote or word collection. Simply choose your favorite font, then using a projector – simply display your quote on the wall, ready to trace and paint!

2. Paint walls your favorite soothing color and then create an entire wall of various family members. Choose photo frames that offer either a uniform look (i.e. all black square, all silver, all gold, etc.) or choose a varied and quirky collection of frames. Place photos of family members and dear friends inside and arrange photos in a collage format on the wall. Whenever your child spends time in his/her room, they will be surrounded by the faces of those that love them the most!

3.  Whether you choose bright paint or muted paint, see your painting options at a different angle. Start at the bottom corner of one wall and paint a solid color in a diagonal line up to the opposite corner, near the ceiling. Create diagonal lines throughout the room.

4. Stripes without the fuss. Choose your paint color and purchase half of the required paint in a high gloss finish, the other half in a flat finish. Using painter’s tape, mark off your stripes (in the width you prefer). Starting with the flat finish paint, create an every-other stripe pattern. When dry, remove tape and repeat process with the high gloss paint, finishing all stripes. What a simple, fast and easy way to create a striped illusion without confusing too many colors in the room!

5. Choose favorite childhood board games. Purchase them from various sources (www.craigslist.com) or thrift stores. Be creative! Taking the game-board portion of the game, mount directly on the wall using either hooks, double-stick tape or nails. Place in an appealing arrangement for a fun and playful mood setter.

6. Instead of a wallpaper border near the top of the wall, take many photos of your child during any stage of their life. Focus on specific parts of their little bodies (ears, eyes, lips, belly buttons, toes, etc.). Frame each photo in a 5×7 frame and hang at the top of the wall, nearly next to each other for a unique and very creative decorative statement.

7. Using your child’s favorite storybook, enlist the assistance of a local artist. Recreate the pages of the book directly on the walls of your child’s room.

8. Hang fabric in a variety of ways. Mount curtain rods at various distances from each other around the room. Hang fabric from curtain rods or affix directly to the ceiling or wall with staples or heavy-duty double-sided tape. Create a swag effect by draping fabric from a canopy (hanging over your child’s bed or crib) to nearby corners of the room for a dreamy, fairytale feeling.

9. Create a mural! www.walldecorshops.com Many companies provide wonderful wall art that is easy to apply and simple to remove. Check out their many designs, options and suggestions.

10. Most of all – put a bit of yourself into your nursery project. Write an intimate note to your child near the portion of the wall where the door hinge meets the wall. Visitors to your home won’t notice it, and it will provide a special “hidden” love note to your child. Sign and date it . . . your precious child will treasure it forever!

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