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3 Amazing Tips to Boost Women’s Health


In my 10 years of entrepreneurship journey, I have met amazing women doing incredible work in life. They are so talented, creative, and skilful that they can achieve a lot in life. One thing which I find missing in the majority of them was their attitude to take care of their own health. Women’s health in any family needs equal attention as for another member of the family.


We, as a woman, have all the reasons to mention that why we are not able to take care of ourselves. Many don’t feel like giving importance to themselves. Upbringing has taught that family comes first and rest afterwards. So with time, they are awakened about themselves only when some health challenge appears. Importance of doing exercise, mindful planning for healthy food for the full family including her, taking care of her mental physical and emotional health as she takes care of her family. This should be happening from the beginning. We should always remind ourselves that if we are fit and healthy physically and emotionally, we can take care of our family in a better way. With time everybody gets busy and when any challenge comes then only ifs and buts remain.


I want to request all males who are reading this article to make your girlfriend, mother, wife equally mindful of her own health as she takes care of you. As a family, all members have equal rights to live life beautifully. Here are my 3 tips for excellence in health which I have learnt from experts sharing, reading and listening to others experience-


  1. To improve your physical health yoga is a must in present times for every living being. Take out time over the weekend if you are working, squeeze in time during daytime if you are working from home or a homemaker, whatever it takes. You have no idea what wonders yoga can do in your life. Specially Pranayama.


  1. For your emotional health start journalling as the first activity in morning. Womenlines Day planner (free download on free subscription of online magazine www.womenlines.com) can be a great help to you. You can list out your affirmations, goals, to do list, list of the healthy diet for the day and anything for which you are full of gratitude. This activity if followed every day can help you to understand yourself in a better way.


  1. Inner health and stamina can be balanced through mindfulness of diet. It is all about telling yourself repeatedly, ‘Think Twice before Eating Anything’. The type of food, quantity, timing, mood, atmosphere, everything has some impact on you. Less quantity of healthy food intake at the right time, with a happy mood with all mindfulness for enjoying the taste, with thankfulness to God, can do wonders friends. Just think about it!  If you like these tips then please do share further with your network.

If you like these tips then please do share further with your network. Womenlines will love to hear from you too. If you want to share any tip please mention in the comment section below!


Charu Mehrotra

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