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Choose Your Vibe

Womenlines welcomes Anji Hallewell as an Influencer of Positive Mindset on the Womenlines panel. Anji is a Natural Strengths Coach, Trainer, and Founder of Hidden Lava.  In her sharing for this month, Anji is talking about the importance of choosing your vibe for excellence in life-

Life has its ups and downs. One minute things are great and you are loving life, and the next you find yourself in situations where you experience the complete opposite. Sure, to have both good and bad encounters is inevitable, but who controls how you respond in those situations? Is it led purely by external factors, like circumstances or other people? Or do you have control to the override button?

Physics has taught us that everything is energy and that energy vibrates. If something has a vibration, it has a frequency that can be tuned in and out. You have two types of energy going on. The first one you will be very familiar with, as this is how you get your psychical energy to function but the other isn’t something that is widely published. Do you know what it is? The lesser known of the two is your emotional energy. Where your focus and attention is, your emotions will go. Think that something is a good experience and you will feel joy and happiness; see something as unpleasant and you will evoke feeling such as, fear, doubt and worry. You see just like a car, the fuel you put inside it will have an impact on its performance. Think of emotions as your fuel, the car as your mind and you as the driver. The fuel affects your behaviour, your actions, your well-being and your state of mind. So, get to know what is fulling you at any point in time.

So, how can take control of this intangible energy? Think of it like a volume slider that you would see on the control panel in a recording studio. The lower end represents a lower volume and the upper end is the loudest volume. You all have your own internal slider which gets triggered subconsciously by situations or other people. But what if you were in control of it? What would life look like then? Wouldn’t you like to know how you can do that?

Taking this out of the recording studio and into your body, this slider represents your emotional energy, which is your fuel, aka your vibe or your frequency, as you go through life. It will have a spectrum that can fluctuate at different levels at any given time. At the lower end resides things like hate, envy, jealousy and comparison; and at the higher end, there is love, joy, creativity, courage and integrity. You can see already how the two opposites would manifest a very different outcome to situations. Quite simply where you are on this slider will determine what you experience in life. I guess it’s a little similar to the glass half empty or half full debate. What people have failed to miss is that the glass is refillable, but you can’t see that when you are operating from a lower level of vibration. You need to shift yourself to a higher level of vibration to see a wider view and connect to a higher level of thinking. In doing so, you are connecting to a different and higher level of emotional energy that drives and creates something greater.

So, my advice is this, learn more about yourself and your emotional energy, because it’s behind every decision you make and action you take. Start to master how you can control your slider, so you can rise above it and connect to a higher level of thinking. You will always have a choice in the direction that you go, it’s just whether you can elevate yourself high enough to see it.


Anji Hallewell

Coach, Trainer & Founder

+65 8408 5042


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