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4 Skills to succeed as an Entrepreneur!

imagesI am an entrepreneur and every new day is a new learning day for me!

In my startup journey, I am like a school kid who is learning many new skills, as and when required. If you are an entrepreneur by choice then you know the roller coaster ride which this journey takes you through. Life is full of learning curves in any entrepreneurial journey. I have always looked out for inspiration from successful entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington, JK Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, and many others.I have read about their sharing in media regarding their entrepreneurial journey which is so inspiring. It gives me encouragement to look out for those traits which these entrepreneurs are having and I have to develop.

I have to learn a lot as it is beginning of my journey, but will love to share few skills (which I am sharpening:))can help you to ease off your entrepreneurial journey-

1.Mindfulness-Entrepreneurs have to be always mindful what they are doing. They must be alert about living in present and acting as per to do list. All entrepreneurs are addicted to their to do list and cannot survive without it. It helps them to be mindful about their work and to live their life in present.

2.Focus– Entrepreneurs have to be very focused on their goals. They must be having their business plan sketched in their heart and always be taking the decision as per plans. The fully focussed mind can help entrepreneurs to achieve their targets within deadlines. In case you are not able to focus then invest time in training your mind to focus on doing some exercises and keeping yourself relaxed.

3.Patience– Patience is a virtue which every entrepreneur requires in abundance. Entrepreneurial journey is not a cake walk. It is full of hurdles, challenges, and failures. Patience only can help you to survive in this field. Keep yourself calm and have a strong faith in yourself. This will certainly help you to succeed, no matter what the challenges are.

4. Good communication and networking skills- Since the inception of the idea of the startup to the stage of launching the business, entrepreneurs are required to communicate both written and verbally with so many types of people. Good communication skills will not only help you to deliver fast but also share your idea easily. Networking skills will help you to meet right people at the right time which can help you to grow your business.

It is a long way to go friends. I will keep sharing more skills as I will be learning in my journey. Please do share your special skill which you have acquired in your journey:)!

Charu Mehrotra

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