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5 changes second parenthood journey brings in parents!

Congratulations for your second parenthood journey friends!

It must have been the really overwhelming journey from framing mind to take this journey again in life to get in your hands after a long wait and care. Initially, it must have been challenging to gear up for the challenges, getting back to basics of life, diapers, bottles, doctor visits and the list goes on….But couples take this decision as they very well know the importance of siblings and what it matters to have a brother or sister in life. That’s why they plan the second baby as they don’t want their first baby to lead the life alone. Believe me, friends, though it takes umpteen amount of courage to jump in the well of parenthood once again, once you have crossed the stage and started enjoying your second parenthood journey you will be grateful to God for this blessing. You are a different person now and you will love to have these changes in life-                                                                                                                    download

1. Your inner child is jumping with joy:

It is so much fun to enjoy childlike fantasies. As with babies we ourselves start behaving like babies to play with them. So let your inner child explore the fun again. Behave silly with kids, take silly snaps together. Dance with your kid.Fill every moment with smiles and laughter.

2.Messy home, dresses, broken crockery doesn’t matter to you anymore now:

You are surprised yourself that how much particular you were for a clean house with all things properly arranged. With a kid in house properly arranged house looks odd. There has to be a corner in a house which gives kids the freedom to explore and arrange things on her own. This will certainly help her improving her motor skills and also will boost her to play more creative pretend and play games

3. You learn to enjoy the present moment

As an adult, you are so busy always that your mind is either reflecting about past or pondering about future. After having kids you learn the importance of mindfulness. You start enjoying the present moment with kids and enjoy it fully.Kids always live in present moment and enjoy it fully. They are never thinking about past

4. You start believing in power of love

Kids are full of love.They are the bundle of joy who make life beautiful as they spread joy around. As adults, you often forget the beauty of life and don’t enjoy it.Our kids only make us realize the power of love. You suddenly realize that it is such a blessed feeling to be loved by your kids. And once you start believing in the power of love you will see how relaxed you are and how often you smile!

5. You learn the power of persistence in achieving your goals

Have you ever observed your kid’s persistence regarding achieving some toy or candy?No matter what happens your child makes sure he gets what he wants through either repetition, or tantrums, or any other way he takes up. It is a big lesson to be learned. Be persistent for your goals. Don’t settle for low results. Always persist for achieving your goals and you will surely achieve it!


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