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Success With Payal- 4 Strategies for Women to Achieve Prominent Role in Companies

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Welcome to ‘Success with Payal’ series at Womenlines!

Womenlines takes pleasure to introduce Payal Nanjiani, a US-based globally acclaimed inspirational speaker, leadership and success coach, as an Influencer for ‘Corporate Success Tips’ on Womenlines panel. Payal will be sharing exclusive content with Womenlines which can help women working in the corporate sector to develop leadership skills and success mindset. Payal will look forward to replying to queries from Womenlines readers too! Feel free to drop your questions in the comment section. This month read and listen from her about various strategies which can help women to achieve prominent roles in companies-

Q 1: What are some strategies that can help women achieve a more prominent role in companies?

 I feel women are revolutionizing the business world today. A lot is happening in the industry globally concerning women entering the workplace, pay equity, as well as taking on leadership roles. So I think we’ve all come a long way and have a lot to achieve in the future too. 

So speaking of the future, I would like to share here that having travelled globally and worked with men and women equally; I think what is most needed is women taking power in their hands. No doubt that on the outside a lot is being done to get women into prominent roles in companies. However, its imperative that first, we take ownership of our growth. 

Below are three key strategies women should apply to help you progress into leadership roles.

  1.  Break free from stereotypes: From years we are subject to certain stereotypes like women ‘take care’ and men ‘take charge.’ That women must be able to handle home, office and social life perfectly. We get conditioned on how we’re expected to act, speak, dress, groom, and conduct ourselves. Any type of stereotype that either the society or you hold on to damages your progress. Start to let go of these stereotypes one by one. Don’t aim for being perfect in everything, don’t work to make someone else proud of you, stop begging people to trust in you and your talents. Start taking charge, start trusting your decisions, be bold and communicate assertively. Changing people’s deep-rooted beliefs about you is hard unless you start to first change them within you.
  2.  Challenge yourself daily: Someone said, “if something that you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you.” Accomplishing things that feel impossible is a great way to start boosting your confidence. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. There are many ways I have encouraged women to work on themselves daily. It has proven to help them tremendously in their career.
  3.  Increase your value: Most women I meet during my talks at corporates and business houses tell me that they feel they aren’t getting a raise like their male counterparts. So my question to them is, ‘ do you deserve the raise?’ Many women aren’t setting themselves for a disciplined career life. Are you continuously upgrading your skillsets, do you invest in developing yourself, do you read books daily for an hour, do you enrol in seminars and training regularly? Salary raises and promotions require you to go beyond office hours. My upcoming podcast episode is on increasing your value.
  4.  Self -promote: No one is coming from anywhere to put you up on the map- you have to do it. Self Self-promotion critical here. Bring your value on the table, focus and talk about what you can do for the company, and promote yourself. When I work with clients on this aspect, the very first thing I see is their elevator pitch.



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You can contact Payal Nanjiani at success@payalnanjiani.com



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