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4 ways which can get kids creative!

Every parent wants to know how to get kids creative!   Isn’t it?

I, as a mother always try to find out various ways how can I help my kid to be more creative, and came across a few interesting ways which can definitely help your kids too.

1-Read, read, and read, at least for half hour daily to your kid. Make it a regular habit in your life. Make sure books you are choosing to read must be story books and can range between fairy tales, moral stories, stories about historical characters. Don’t read for the sake of reading. Try to be dramatic and read with all sort of expression you can but make sure you don’t overdo it.

2- Talk, talk, and talk to your kid. It should not be a parental talk about doing this, that or not doing certain things. Talks should involve certain things, maybe how was your day if meeting after the whole day, or just inquire if anything interesting happened throughout the day. If staying with him then you can discuss topics regarding nature if going out. Or if he is watching TV then ask his opinion about the show. Just give a thought, many ideas will come into your mind.

3- Colour, colour, and colour-

Colouring world is a beautiful world for kids. Their imagination boundaries are not restricted as their hands move freely. There is no end to their imagination and at times you can get the very interesting sketch up from your kids. If you also join them then painting can be really fun.

4-Music and dance

Listening to music is a good relaxing exercise for kids. And with dance physical activity also happens. Just expose your kids to various types of music, be it guitar, piano, tabla, sitar and just observe which one is his favourite. Never pressurize him to learn music without his interest.

Singing and dancing together with kids can a fun activity and can be a bonding time for the whole family.

I want to request my friends that if they come across other ideas to increase creativity in kids please share on this platform.

Charu Mehrotra

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