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Emotional Freedom Technique- EFT

In the series on various holistic ways for healing and relaxing when you are stressed out while in mad cat race Womenlines is sharing aboutEmotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional, needle free version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries regarding the connection between your body’s subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. EFT has been reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range of emotional, health and performance issues.It often works where nothing else will.

Womenlines asked Lena Chen, a Holistic Therapist, about the importance of EFT and its origination.She answered to following questions as-

Q1-What is EFT?
LENA- Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT for short, is a DIY acupressure tool that can be used anywhere, anytime for cleansing negative blocks in our energy system that contribute to physical and emotional stresses. Aside from looking strange, the enormous advantage EFT has is that it is easy to use and works for almost all kinds of issues including back pain, headaches, insomnia, depression, PTSD, etc. It is a very gentle way of healing oneself, and yet, often produces immediate results, especially for phobias and physical pains.


Q2-How long you know about EFT?

LENA-I was introduced to EFT in a 2-day Energy Psychology course and was immediately fascinated by how it is seemingly simple, yet effective for such a large range of issues. I went back home feeling like I just gained a superhero power! I use it on everything… sprains, mood swings, inspiration blocks, even for my husband’s snoring, and because of EFT, I overcame my fear of public speaking and was eventually giving EFT workshops to large groups of people, including over 100! Best of all, I was receiving immense satisfaction from using EFT with my clients and watching them gain confidence and freedom in their lives by using this incredible tool.

Q-Who is the founder of EFT?

LENA- EFT is the result of East meets West. It originated from principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine which have been around for centuries and was first developed into a system by Roger Callahan, which is known as Thought Field Therapy, an extensive and complicated system that is used mainly by professionals. It was only in the 1980s, that one of his first students, Gary Craig, simplified the system into a one that is much more accessible and yet equally effective – EFT.

Q6-How this technique is different from other relaxing technique?

LENA-Like other relaxation techniques such as breathing, meditation, yoga, etc, EFT often produces a relaxation effect on the person. The difference is that EFT has the potential to clear negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs as well as bodily discomforts on the spot when that is the intention of the person doing EFT. For example, when a person is having a headache, he can do EFT directly on the headache and experience immediate relief from the pain. In addition, he may also become aware of the emotional issue that is underlying the headache. For example, he may recall a stressful conversation that he had with his mother in the morning. He can then continue to do EFT for any remaining stress that he has relating to that event, and afterward, see the event in a whole new light. Hence, EFT can help us to clear our emotional baggage, layer by layer, which will then create positive shifts in our self-esteem, relationships, health and other areas of our life. With other techniques, there is often willpower and discipline involved in creating the change. With EFT, aside from needing the effort to do EFT itself, change comes about naturally and effortlessly.

Q7-How you teach this concept to your participants?

LENA- In my workshops, I teach EFT by first introducing to my participant’s essential concepts on energy, the mind-body connection, and healing. Then I teach them the EFT procedure and intersperse the hands-on exercises with tips on how to do EFT more effectively. I emphasize greatly on letting participants have their own experience of EFT, and I get them to practice it in the week after the first session. When we meet again, they share their experiences with me, and I help to fine-tune their understanding of EFT applications to their life. I also bring participants through a special EFT process to increase their confidence and motivation in using EFT as an integral part of their life for their healing, so a great majority of my participants actually leave my workshops highly empowered to use this tool to transform themselves and their lives.

Q8-Do you organize workshops?

LENA-Aside from organizing basic EFT workshops, I also organize workshops for using EFT in specific areas. An upcoming one is “EFT with Lena Workshop Series: Become a Money Magnet – Clearing Your Money Blocks To Allow Abundance To Flow Into Your Life Easily and Joyfully”, which will be held on 30 January. You will find more information on my website www.lenashealinghaven.com. Another workshop that I am planning in March is “EFT with Lena Workshop Series: Using EFT and Energy Psychology to Help Others More Powerfully” which will be very useful for therapists, healers, and anyone who is passionate about helping other people with their problems.

Q9-Any side effects of EFT?

LENA- EFT is a very safe process because it actually activates the body’s healing potential to heal itself in the most natural and gentle way. However, there may be “healing symptoms”, which are similar to effects of detoxification and are the body’s way of clearing those old, stagnated energetic blocks that have been buried within the body for a long time. Some healing symptoms may look like tiredness, headaches, crying for no reasons, bodily aches, and tensions. These can also be treated with EFT either at the end of the EFT session or by the client himself or herself.



Lena Chen is a Holistic Therapist who has empowered hundreds of people to free themselves of old self-sabotaging patterns so that they can finally connect with the wisdom and joy that is already within them. She is the author of “Emotional Freedom At Your Fingertips: how to get from PISSED to PEACE in mere minutes with Emotional Freedom Techniques” as well as the creator of the EFT Affirmation Cards. For free weekly inspiring healing insights and tips, subscribe to her highly popular newsletters at her website www.lenashealinghaven.com.


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