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The 5 AM Club- A book Which can Revolutionize your Mornings for Excellence

Your mornings hold big treasures for you if you are ready to dig out with discipline!

The Book ‘The 5 AM Club’ by famous author Robin Sharma will fuel you to start using your morning time mindfully. ‘Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!’- This quote which we are reading since childhood has such a deep meaning, which I fully believe now after reading the book The 5 AM Club.

Here are the powerful keynotes from the book-

  1. Protection from distraction is precisely you need to work if you are serious about dominating your field and winning at your crafts. Neuroscientists call this peak mental state we are speaking of, where our perception becomes heightened and our availability to original ideas rises.
  2. Less is more, you know? Geniuses understand that it is smarter to create one masterwork than one thousand ordinary pieces.
  3. Developing high awareness around the things we do and having a painstaking approach to make our work perfect. Refining the details, sweating the little points, producing with precision rather than being unprofessional and careless.
  4. There is tons of competition at ordinary. But there is almost none at extraordinary. There has never been such a glamorous opportunity to become pearless because so few people are dedicated to world-class in this age of such scattered focus, eroded values and deteriorated faith in ourselves.
  5. Many of us lead time-starved lives, we absolutely need to have at least an hour first thing in the morning to refuel, grow and become healthier, more peaceful people.
  6. No one will believe in our ability to do great things until we first believe in our greatness and then put in the sincere and rigorous effort to raise it. As Picasso said- My mother said to me if you are a soldier you will become a general, if you are a monk you will become a pope. Instead, I was a painter and became Picasso.
  7. Rescript our personal story. Every time you become aware of yourself dropping into victim mode and make a strong courageous choice you rewrite the narrative. Each time you vote your superior self you starve your weaker side. An addiction to distraction is the death of your creative production.
  8. In some way, new technologies and social media are not only eroding the Everest of our glorious productive potential they are also training us to be less human. We have few real conversations, fewer true connections, and fewer meaningful interactions.
  9. People are making more mistakes in their work than ever before because they are not present to what they are doing. their precious concentration has been hijacked by a foolish use of technology.
  10. Simplify everything, become a purist, less really is more socially have fewer friends but go deep with them. An intense concentration only on what matters most is important. Simplify, simplify simplify. Stop managing time and start managing focus.
  11. Geniuses understand that every morn we wake up with the limited amount of will power as well as mental focus, so rather than wasting these valuable gifts by spreading them over many trivial choices, they automate as many basic things.
  12. Continue calibrating your mindset, purifying your heart set, fortifying your health set and escalating your soul set.
  13. Once you reclaim the power blocked by layers of toxic emotions and the wounds of the past, your heart set, mindset and health set and soul set will soar exponentially, 
  14. And calm performers are the highest achievers!
  15. 5 assets of genius are highest in the morning- mental focus, your physical energy, personal willpower, original talent, and daily time.
  16. Four practises can help in making a financial fortune- positive expectancy, active faith, ever-increasing gratitude, and extreme value delivery.
  17. Your thoughts, your feelings, your words, and your deeds are the four resource that will allow you to materialize miracles in the world.

Let Excellence be your brand!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines

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