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5 Animals Your Kids Can Create with LEGO Bricks

Womenlines proudly welcomes Carlo Pandian as guest writer for womenlines. Carlo will take your kids in amazing world of Lego bricks and boost their creativity through guided tutorials-

Animals come in all shapes and sizes.  This means you can either spend a lot of money trying to find rare animals for your kids or you can let them build them with some simple to find pieces. lego


This gives your kids the advantage of being able to get more out of the pieces they have in their collection.  It also means they have the ability to make modifications to these creations which gives them more flexibility in what they want.  The following are some simple designs you and your kids can watch to start building your own menagerie




There’s nothing quite like having the king of the jungle in a display.  It sits at the top of the food chain and makes an obvious centerpiece.  This design comes from David Howard, the Master Model Builder from LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester.  He covers the pieces you need along with instructions on how to build this ferocious beast.



Simple Animals


If you are going to have a king, you may want some subjects.  Therefore Lunazd1 provides you with a wild assortment of animals.  Each is built using some very basic bricks and colors.  Each is rendered in a program so that the designs are crisp and easy to see.  If you have trouble with any part of the design simply pause the video and watch the model come together frame by frame.  Each animal’s design is set up like standard LEGO instructions, so it shouldn’t be a foreign experience for your child.



Zoo Animals


Continuing this parade of animals is Thesmiler37.  They have categorized their animals into those found in a zoo.  These creations also follow the use of simple elements.  This makes it possible to make with some of the most basic brick buckets.  Each part is highly recognizable to any child that is familiar with their LEGO bricks.  This is important since many of their loose pieces are typically these standard elements.





It is time to slow things down.  Fun Toy Den brings you their brick built turtle.  Not only is this a fabulous display piece on its own, but it scales extremely well with minifigures.  There are enormous turtles in real life and even bigger ones found in children’s story books.  Whatever your child wants, this turtle will fit right in.





There is one creature that often needs a herd to look right.  Large farms don’t survive on a single cow.  The problem is, if you’re going to populate a farm, you need a simple design that looks good.  Brickitect gives you this on both fronts.  He tells you how to make a nice cow as well as what set he used to make it from.  From here just cut, copy, and repeat.  In no time you’ll need to build a bigger farm.



Carlo Pandian is an adult fan of LEGO and freelance writer, and has previously published on The Brick Blogger, Bricks of The Death, and The Rock Father. He loves babysitting his nephew and getting him to build LEGO creations!



LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester Lion by David Howard



How to build simple LEGO animals  by Lunazd1



How to make LEGO zoo animals  by The smiler37



How to build a LEGO turtle  by Fun Toy Den



LEGO Cow (How to Build)  by brickitect


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