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5 Best New Year Resolutions for Females

new year resolutions

Do you know how new year resolutions can change your life?

The new year has started and we all are gearing up with full energy to start the new year as a plain white sheet on which we can draw our dreams for the year as we want it to be. It is a fantastic opportunity for all females, female leaders, female entrepreneurs, and professionals to get aligned to their vision for themselves and become a better version of themselves.

5 Best New Year Resolutions for Females-

1) Have a Strict Morning Routine Ritual everyday

There are 1440 mins a day. The difference between a routine of a successful woman and an unsuccessful one is the way they are using 1440 mins every day. The morning routine sets the tone for productivity and the energy for the whole day. The morning ritual of journaling, meditating and planning the day is followed by all successful women religiously. It helps them to have a hold on the day and then the day is not running them. Once you start getting used to having a strict morning ritual every day, you get addicted to the energy and clarity get after following the ritual every day. Therefore set your alarms, buy a journal for yourself and have a yoga mat for yourself and allocate a sacred place in your house where you can sit calmly sometimes as the day permits.

2) Declutter, or redecorate your space

In The show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ Marie Kondo says-

To throw away what you no longer need is neither wasteful nor shameful,’ says Kondo. ‘Let them go, with gratitude. Not only you, but your things as well, will feel clear and refreshed when you are done tidying.

The new year is the best time to declutter as it will give you chance to start fresh and will also help to have clarity. Decluttering can help you to let go of the past easy way by removing those things which you are not using. Therefore get your boxes set for the labels and start decluttering your almirahs, table drawers etc to freshen up!

3) Develop compassion and love for self

In the aeroplane, while flying we all are advised to put the oxygen mask first on ourselves and then on our kids. Sounds strange to mothers but it is the fact that if you are alive then only you can take care of your kids. The same theory is applied when giving love to others. First, we have to give love and compassion to ourselves. Then only we can distribute that love to others in our life. If we are deprived of self-love, we don’t like ourselves then we are empty from within. This love and compassion can be given to self by taking proper care of physical and mental health. Therefore gear up for taking guilt-free self-care breaks by planning spa visits or, attending yoga retreats. Start thinking what’s the best way you can give love to yourself.

4) Stop practising Perfection

Our generation of women is known to be desperate women to be perfect wives, mothers and professionals. We have become a generation desperate to be perfect wives, mothers, and professionals. As mothers, many women are known as ‘Tiger moms’ who loves to be highly controlling authoritarian. These women try to achieve all by doing all things themselves and thus it results in fatigue and other major health problems. Then other issues start coming up like having difficulty in balancing work life and family life, having a communication problem with the family which leads to disconnect etc. Take the first step of not practising ‘Perfection’ now and focus on being an authentic self who is not shameful of being vulnerable sometimes in life.

5) Use Emotional Intelligence Intelligently

In present times, women are not only contributing to the economy but are also leading workforces. From being CEOs, team leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals etc to being in government services; they are everywhere, leading varied positions. Women are naturally blessed with emotional intelligence which they can use as a superpower for excellence. The power to understand others can do wonders and is a prerequisite of a good leader. If women can use their emotional intelligence the right way it can help them to not only understand the feelings of others but also they have ease of understanding their own emotions much better way. This helps to manage themselves better way when feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. Therefore every woman should educate herself about power of emotional intelligence.

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