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My Learning from The Conversation: Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, and Kelly Gores

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It is a pleasure to share about exceptionally unique speakers who are helping millions to be a better version of themselves.  Dr Joe Dispenza, is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator who has been invited to speak in more than 33 countries on six continents. As a lecturer and educator, he is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, scientist, international educator and renowned as a pioneer in the emerging paradigm based in science, spirituality, social policy and human potential.

Last week HEAL movie director Kelly Gores had a LIVE session with Dr Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden, which was very informative and they shared their latest wisdom to help us stay healthy, heal, and rise above these challenging times.Do listen to their discussion in the video above. I have listed my learning below-

  • Question yourself-do we nourish our body with life-sustaining food coming from the earth, are we sleeping enough, are we moving enough?
  • Internal environment compromise due to reaction to outer condition. When you are following what’s coming from your heart, your immune system will be stronger by 50%. What information is your body is receiving danger or safe. When you start following the present moment your immune system gets strong. This is the time what matters the most, what information your body is receiving. When it will feel safe enough, energy starts restoring the body and t cells and the body is ready to fight.
  • People need awareness on how to survive. They have to trust the power of the human body.
  • Changing a health condition requires herculean efforts. First thing is to gain much information about how your body, brain, heart works. The more we understand what we are doing, why we are doing, how we think act and feel the better chance to get back to the authentic self.
  • Elevate your emotional state by ordering body for growth and repair. You are moving into a new state.  Those who are able to do this they change. It takes practise and commitments. Things take time. work upon it every day.
  • A rollercoaster of emotions which we suppress has to let go.
  • Creation of collective consciousness is required to make this world a better place. Imagine people are aware of the feeling of love, and oxytocin rises in every human being. With this love, care, support, informs, support one another that’s a new consciousness and imagine that feeling is normal. Now for you, it is impossible to hold the grudge. Everybody feels so great and this new consciousness is emerging. Collective consciousness is the new consciousness is required to make the world a better place.
  • Learn how to take care of the inner world!

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