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6 reasons I feel proud to be an Indian!

It is Indian Independence day today and I want to pay my gratitude for my beloved country!indian

It is such a proud feeling to be an Indian that cannot be expressed in words. I list out 6 reasons why I feel so proud to be an Indian-

1. Indian upbringing has helped me to lead a balanced life in a foreign country as I am very well aware how to set my priorities. Amidst the mad rat race in the foreign country, setting these priorities has helped me to focus on family and career both with a balance.

2. Indian culture has taught me to celebrate festivals and various other days of the year with full zest and life which has really made life colorful and full of memorable moments. I feel blessed to pass the culture to my kids, who love to celebrate all occasions with fun.

3. As an Indian, I have been taught to give importance to relationships and celebrate special bonds with pleasure and love. Such special bonds really become pillars of life when we require help in needy times and also in celebration time. Our family comes first to us and thus we plan other things around them.

4. Indian history is full of stories about great kings and leaders who have given their lives for sake of our country.Knowledge about such glorious past really helps the youth of today to imbibe values followed by them. Life history of such great personalities has really taught me to adopt their willpower and determination to reach my goals.

5. India is a large country with so many states, consists of people following different religions and culture. I have always been taught about how to respect other race or religion and live together giving equally to respect to each other value in society!

6. Indian upbringing has helped me to nurture my mind with spirituality.The interest to imbibe spiritual values and follow the path of honesty has really helped me to keep my pace in life balanced and in touch with real person inside me.

May God bless India with the abundance of success, peace, and prosperity. Happy Independence day!

Charu Mehrotra

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