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Singapore Birthday Spirit 2016!

Singapore 51st National Day celebration was impressive, creative, and incredible!


Watching Singapore national day celebration on television has always been a pleasure, which leaves a strong message in your mind. This year theme, “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow”, was a  wonderful theme as it conveys a strong message for our present generation to dream for a bright future. There is a call for action for all people residing in Singapore to build their future collectively. Venue New Stadium was looking so beautiful with all decoration.There was a  beautiful display of  Indoor Fireworks and 3D Projection Displays too. Unmanned Technologies such as Drones and Dynamic Aerial Performances reflected the strength of Singapore’s capability in the field of latest technology.

I am still mesmerized watching such a creative and beautiful celebration done with such vigor by all participants with true Singapore spirit. Singapore has set an example of a hard-working nation which gives the amazing opportunity to its residents to build up their bright future. My all prayers to God to maintain the racial harmony of the country as it has been maintained till now!

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Charu Mehrotra

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