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7 Effective Ways to Improve Eating Habits in Your Kid!


Kids having good eating habits are rare to find in today’s times!

School authorities are also concerned about the Kid’s lack of interest in healthy food.I attended a talk on healthy food habits in kids, organised by my kid’s school authorities. I am really grateful to the Counsellor who delivered the talk and shared with us amazing tips to improve eating habits in your kids

1. Focus on when they eat and not on when they refuse. Praise the child when he is eating. Reinforcement on the positive things leads to positive results.

2.Involve kids in food preparation. You can always take help of your kids in mixing, sprinkling, stirring processes. This will help kids in relating themselves in process of food preparation, and thus they will love to eat it.

3. Prepare the menu for the week and involve kids in its planning.You can put that menu or timetable around the fridge and keep on discussing, and plan with your kid. Take out some time to discuss the different component of food like protein, fat, carb.Put photographs of different sources of food which provide you with those components. Paste pictures of that food around the menu chart. This will help you in discussing the sources with him directly emphasizing the need and benefits of it.

4.Arrange some food around the corners of the kitchen or dining table tops so that when kids come around hungry they can easily take out the food themselves.

5.Provide the various type of foods to your kid. Put some effort in doing experiments. Let him have the feel of all types of food, taste and noise, etc. Sensory play can help them a lot to do experiments with different kinds of food.

6.Seeing is believing. They will follow your footsteps. Try to be dramatic in front of them while taking your food.Say I love my food, I love the taste, aroma.Make it interesting for them.

7. Provide small portions and provide the variety of food. Substitute other milk products to milk like yoghurt, cheese. Provide lots of protein to your kid as it will enhance his alertness.

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