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Kids to do list with a twist!

Vacations are the most awaited period of the year by kids, whatever age they are into!      chore-chart2

It is time for kids to relax, to meet friends and to spend a day without any time limit Ask any kid which part of the year is his favorite and most of them will come up with vacation or festival holiday as an answer.I feel happy seeing that relaxed smile on my kid’s face during vacation time but as a working woman, and that too from home, my other part is overwhelmed with the challenges I am going to face during this period with my work. The most irritating aspect of any holiday is the frequent bombing of “What shall I do now, mummy?” periodically.How I can plan every second of my kid’s day when I am not able to do for myself, I just scorn at times. “Why can’t he think of his own ways?” or ‘I wonder how I managed my vacations without any instructions by my parents?”Such questions just hit me almost every other day of vacation.

Last year while making the to-do list for myself idea struck to me why can’t kids have their own todo list which they can depend upon whenever they are having free time.YES, WHY NOT! Literally, I really jumped with joy with the realization that my kid can plan his to-do list on his own by using his brain:). I discussed the idea with my kid and we drafted a rough chart and pasted then on wall. And every time when me or my son came across any activity idea we took a note of it.In fact, this will help them to think independently and he will understand himself better. What are their likes, what are their dislikes, what they love to do and when!

It is more than a year and I can tell you friends list is still on. As my son is growing he comes across some new activity and he wants to add it to his list. What are you waiting for?Start listing down your kids’ activities….best wishes from Womenlines:)!

Charu Mehrotra

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