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A Story To Inspire & Empower-“The walking, talking miracle” Zai Miztiq

Womenlines takes pleasure to share a real-life story of the celebrity author, 2x Amazon Best Selling Author, International Speaker, host of ZMTV & founder of the Sisterhood Mentorship Program and Step UP, Zai Miztiq who is enabling communities through disability despite her near-fatal road accident-

 April 2019 – It started from one fateful afternoon 14 years ago when a sleepy taxi driver rammed the cab she was returning home in into the back of a stationary military truck. Zaiton Majeed or Zai Miztiq as she is popularly known now was given little hope by the surgeons that operated on her. The accident could have cost her life and dangerously risked her to be paralyzed for life. She miraculously survived 3 weeks later but not without living for the rest of her life with 8 screws, 2 metal rods inside her and permanent back pain. She recorded her comeback journey in a semi autobiography-styled book titled ‘Turn Your Passion into Profit’ and is empowering women and youth all over the world with her Amazon Best-selling book ‘5 Things I Love About Being A Woman’.

 The first book which was released on 22nd April 2015, the exact date of the fateful accident, documents her determination to not only recover medically, psychologically and emotionally but also to bring the message of hope and success. In recent years, Zai has travelled across the globe to countries like Japan, Jordan and Morocco. The solo travels were both therapeutic and empowering as she embarked on self-discovery and along the way made a name for herself as a Henna artist. Driven by the calling to find her new purpose in life, the ‘Who am I’ travelogue exposed her to a new found mission – spending time to be in the service of youths and sisterhood.


Reflecting on how far she has come, Zai explained, “I felt like I have been given a second chance in life. And now that the world brings entirely new meaning, I am dedicating myself to inspiring others to live their dreams and leave a legacy. I help people turn their pain into power and turn their dreams into reality with confidence and clarity and Step Up! To be the strong, soulful, success they are destined to be. My dream is to help people believe that they can be whatever they want to be with faith and love.”

 Her books and mentorship program received very encouraging response locally and globally. When the trial version was made available the 100 copies were all sold within a week of release.

Now living her dream life as a 2x Amazon Best Selling Author, travelling trainer and speaking on International stages to share her Step Up! the message, she has moved to document her works in digital videos and are placing modules after modules on a learning platform to make available to the masses learning tools where she believes is her way of leaving her legacy.

“My time on Earth will expire, but the knowledge I have and learning tools and skills I have acquired, I can empower and enrich the world with forever.” – Zai Miztiq

 Zai who has been in business long before the accident believes her books can be an effective self-help material especially for women and youths. She also uses the book as a training tool in her self-improvements workshops and as a guide in her sisterhood mentoring. To-date, she is still pursuing Henna artworks and teaching Arabic calligraphy in her spare time. She now runs a social enterprise providing corporate training and reach-out service under Miztiq International, a company she incorporated in 2014.

 Zai’s vision is to empower, educate & enrich more lives as the ‘Oprah Winfrey of Asia’. She intends to spread her message of hope through her empowerment works and for the community to pursue a continuous lifelong learning journey.

Zai Miztiq

Founder, Miztiq International Pte Ltd



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