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Exercises For Osteoporosis

 It is a pleasure to welcome Senior Physiotherapist Shubhangi Gaikwad from the United Arab Emirates as an  Influencer for health and fitness at Womenlines panel. A Dedicated PT offering 7 years of acute-chronic care experience; a history of “exemplary” ratings on performance reviews; solid credentials that include, BLS/Dry needling/Manual Therapy certifications /certified FMT and a master’s degree in physical therapy in Neurology. Background includes work with pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. In continuation of her previous month, article Shubhangi is sharing must take measures for Osteoporosis prevention –

As the continuation of my previous month article, here are some useful exercises for prevention of Osteoporosis

 Following are the guidelines:


  • If you are beginner start with 10 repetition one set. Then gradually progress to 20 reps two sets.

  • Do these exercises at least 5 days/week.

  • Do consult your physician or physio before starting these exercises, if you have any musculoskeletal ailment.

 Other forms of saving exercises for osteoporosis are

  • Aqua aerobics

  • Walking outdoor

  • Cycling

  • Strength training

It’s very important to expose our self to sunlight and do weight-bearing exercises to prevent osteoporosis.

include these simple exercises in your routine and stay safe and have a healthier bone lifelong.




Hip Extension
Sit to stand
Knee Curls



Heel Raise                                                                           









If you have any query regarding any exercises, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

 Shubhangi Gaikwad, Shubhangigaikwad06@gmail.com,

Instagram- sgfitnessguide


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