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Building Young Entrepreneurs (BYE) Campaign- Nigeria


Womenlines takes pleasure to share about a powerful campaign in Nigeria named ‘Building Young Entrepreneurs(BYE)’. Founder Bright Oloyo, Motivational speaker, Business consultant, mentor, career coach and C.E.O of Black Pride Multipurpose Company, with a collection of seasoned Entrepreneurs from around the world are embarking on a rescue mission “Building Young Entrepreneurs” across Nigeria, Africa’s most populous black nation. This campaign is based on the theme ‘Steering  Young  Minds Towards Entrepreneurship and  Good  Leadership.’ Considered to be the biggest campaign running over 1000 schools across Nigeria.

An interview of Mr Bright Oloyo Founder and convener of the BYE campaign by Womenlines-


  1. What is the reason behind this initiative?

In the face of growing unemployment coupled with an education system that is designed to produce job seekers rather than job creators, the importance of a mindset change of school-age children in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. The focus should be the creation and management of new small businesses which actually make the success stories of developed economies.

  1. What are the aims and objectives of this campaign?


The campaign in collaboration with the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) and a collection of seasoned entrepreneurs from around the world is designed to steer young minds in entrepreneurial and Industry Leadership skills, to prepare them for the challenges therein and provide them with the needed guidelines required to succeed. It is to also identify and provide support in the form of coaching and mentoring for these future leaders.


  1. Who is your target audience?

The campaign is targeted at secondary/high school students across the country. An estimated one thousand secondary/high schools and fifty thousand (50,000) Students are expected to benefit across the various locations.


  1. Why the choice of secondary/high schools?


This is basically because students in Nigeria choose their career paths while in secondary/high schools and pursue this path upon admission into the university. Hence it is imperative that they are the target.


  1. What is the campaign expected to achieve?


The campaign will help us identify students who are interested in entrepreneurship and a selected number of these students will be accepted into our coaching and mentoring program which is purposed to guide them towards becoming successful entrepreneurs.


  1. Are there other partners or contributors apart from NAPPS?


We are humbled by the level of local and international support the campaign has attracted, such as Womenlines – an internationally recognized online journal. The National Black Unity News, which is the Largest National Minority Newspaper in the United States, who have dedicated a page in their publication to the BYE campaign, also the campaign workbook was prepared and donated by Ms Fran Allen a renowned American author and motivational speaker. While locally we have enjoyed the support of Mr Segun Oruame the CEO of Qitech technologies who is fostering collaboration between the BYE campaign and technology brands that are into entrepreneurial programs. We are also collaborating with Mrs Helen Oshikoya the CEO of Nobelova Gradani Psychoeducational Services, who is a chartered educational assessor and certified child development clinician towards organizing a successful campaign…and a few others.


  1. What is the effect of the support of Womenlines on the campaign?

It is important to state that collaborations like this amongst people around the world foster growth. The act of promoting the campaign in their publication to this campaign not only inspires these kids to be better but gives them a sense of belonging and value. They feel accepted and united in this global village we live in. It also creates collaboration between African owned businesses and those in Asia. So I will say, the impact is enormous




8. Who are some of the facilitators for this campaign? 

As previously stated we have a mix of both local and international facilitators such as

  • Bobby Umar – 5× TEDx Speaker and Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker
  • Fran Allen – Renowned American Author and Motivational Speaker
  • Arc Bayo Adewakun – Principal partner – B-WAKS consultants
  • Segun Oruame – Founder – Qitech Technologies
  • Helen Oshikoya – Founder/CEO – Nobelova Gradani Psychoeducational Services
  • Afolabi Williams – Chief Executive Officer – Cyba Consulting
  • Abiodun Osoba – Founder/CEO – The Agile Advisor Global
  • Ify Onyebgule – Media Trainer, Author, Publisher and Radio Host
  • Ifeanyi Ogbor – C.E.O – AssetKap Investment Limited
  • Taiwo Ajanaku – Founder and C.E.O – Matel-Tech Systems
  • Ede Joan Edward – Founder/CEO – Land of Ede Artisan
  • Rabi Adetoro – Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwel Team
  • Amaka Amalu – Experienced Business and HR Leader, Coach, and Trainer
  • Gori Yahaya – Founder/Director – Upskill Digital (UK)
  • Mary Fay Tita-Kuna – Founder/Director – Fay and Renaissance (UK)
  • Puja Talesara – Leadership coach, founder of Leadership Demystified podcast and webinars. Global Goodwill Ambassador
  • Nick Mattone – Leadership Coach, Partner & Chief Relationship Officer: John Mattone Global Inc

And a host of others


  1. Do you have any sponsors?

We are presently in discussions with a couple of individuals and brands, and we are confident that we will find some who will be willing to partner with us in building a brighter future for the Nigerian child. We welcome support from all who are willing to help.


  1. Any final words?

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world and has just been ranked as the country with the highest number of poor persons. So, I wish to call on every well-meaning individual and brand out there to support this great initiative aimed at improving the future of the Nigerian Child. To partner, sponsor or make a donation, please visit www.bye.com.ng. Thank you in advance.


Womenlines wishes success to the whole team behind Building Young Entrepreneurs (BYE) Campaign, Nigeria.

Let Excellence be Your Brand!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder, Womenlines

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