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SPJIMR Alumni association recently organized a Madhubani art workshop in Singapore, so alum kids can learn the rich folk art tradition of India and also have fun. Mrs. Sundari, the wife of an alumnus, led the art workshop, to create awareness about the beautiful cultural heritage of Madhubani arts by teaching kids the subtle intricacies of Madhubani art.

Alums were also delighted to support their college’s prestigious mentorship programme Abhyudaya through this workshop. Abhyudaya is a 1.5 credit, year-long mentorship programme through which first-year MBA students at SPJIMR mentor bright, underprivileged children (who they call Sitaras) from the neighboring schools. Abhyudaya Sitaras had a concurrent session for the workshop. Connected over Skype in the session led by Mrs. Sundari and supported by Mrs. Vidya Sundaresan in Mumbai it was a unique experience for the Sitaras, where they were given a chance to explore their creativity and mold it into an art form.

Madhubani or Mithila painting is a folk art form, originated from Mithila region of Bihar. The paintings are traditionally based on mythological, folk themes and pastoral symbols. This exciting workshop helped discover the young artists in the children who took part in the workshop. Children learned various ways of creating Madhubani art. Alums thanked Mrs. Sundari for sharing her talent and knowledge.

Such workshops can play a very important role to promote art and culture in kids and also giving the opportunity to Womenfolk to share their talent with the world.

Womenlines appreciates SPJIMR Alumni association’s initiative of organizing a workshop to promote excellence in women and kids and also looks forward to more such initiatives.


Charu Mehrotra

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