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Activities for kids to make them responsible individual! Part 8

Kids grow up fast and there are so many things and habits which we want them to develop!

Responsibility and promotion of daily good habits are two of the most important one. These activities will kids to be personally more responsible and how to develop personal good hygiene-


This activity is interaction based. Talk with your kid about what happens when people don’t do what they are responsible to do. For example, if plants that don’t get watered wilt, garbage smells if not taken outside, animals and children that don’t get food get hungry. Discuss with them is it fair to expect others to do our work. Decide together on the tasks of each family member. Should people be able to do only things they like. If your child is not agreeing to perform the assigned task then discuss the consequences if parents are not working or they don’t prepare a meal. Give him a variety of real-life examples so that he can really understand the importance of the assigned task.


Take a chart and with help of your child write two headings on the top.”Friends of teeth”, “enemies of teeth”. List all good things you can do for your teeth under Friends of teeth. Under enemies of teeth include the danger signals of bleeding, swollen gums, a hole in the tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold water. Talk about what hurts teeth like hard candy, not brushing at bedtime, using teeth as bottle openers. Post the chart where children brush their teeth as a reminder of good health habits.

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