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Cooking food for soul!

The act of preparing food is known as cooking and every female is related to this activity throughout her life! 

Cooking can happen with choice or without choice. Some ladies have a passion for cooking and they love trying out new recipes, doing experiments with different types of cuisines, and creating out new recipes with various experiments.

I don’t want to expand about food and cooking habits, and healthy food or cooking but I want to share about the sacred aspect of food which we are forgetting in this rush of life.  In today’s hectic pace of life, food has become just source of strength and intake has become a rush in activity as we all are always in the crunch of time. We never realize activity which should be given required time and should be taken as the most important activity of the day is the most ignored one!

Recently I met Mr. Suresh Krishnan, manager for Annalakshmi restaurant in Singapore and had an enlightening discussion with him about the sacred nature of food which we always take for granted. Annalakshmi, as most of us know, is an expression of India’s great cultural heritage which brings together the knowledge of taste, flavors, nutrition, and health in a wholesome manner for the benefit of diners. The uniqueness of the restaurant lies in the way it works. Almost all Annalakshmi outlets world overruns on this concept of “Eat as you want, Give as you Feel”. Have your meal first, and pay whatever comes to your mind.

Mr. Suresh Krishna shared that “Any food or drink prepared lovingly, selflessly is delicious and nourishing, not because of its recipe and rich ingredients, but because a self-less heart was at work. There was an absence of ego-principle acting and expecting something in return. Perhaps, that is why we sometimes compliment our hosts for a “homely meal”, just like mother’s cooking.”

When there is harmony, selflessness, joy and cheer in the kitchen devoid of anger, hatred, and worries, the food thus prepared and served as the power of reaching the very depths and nourishing the entire being, rather than superficial satiation of body hunger. Such food makes our body—light, mind-calm, and intelligence—dynamic.

Eating is a sacred ritual, every day in everybody’s life as the prayer goes — “thank you for today’s bread”. Human intelligence is helpless the moment food is pushed down into the gullet. Some other higher intelligence takes over the digestive and other processes nourishing the trillions of cells in our body. In fact, after the primary cooking in the external fire, a secondary level cooking takes place inside our stomach with “digestive fire—Jataragni” of acids and enzymes.

It was really thought-provoking discussion as I realized how sacred is the whole process of food preparation and food intake. If we really follow our ancient philosophies and way of living then there will be less prevalence of diseases around us.So friends lets pledge to give importance to food in our life, let’s follow the right way of preparation, right time of food intake, and the right type of food intake as our body allows. After all, health is wealth!

Charu Mehrotra

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