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6 Steps in Greening your Kitchen!

Go Green in every sphere of life. Why not kitchen!

The whole world is talking about saving the environment in order to save your future generations. Facts reflect that how badly we will be affected by our mistakes which we are making today. In order to safeguard the environment for our future generations why not start taking small steps today. We as a home manager can follow some steps religiously to contribute to greening the world around.

I have searched out 7 steps, from different resources and websites, which I think are must to be followed by any aware homemaker-

1.Take out the print out of this chart http://www.eldr.com/files/ELDR_GreenKitchenChart.pd  and paste it somewhere in your kitchen. It will act as a reminder about different ways by which you can go green.

2.        Microwaving is a good option to save energy.  On average, you’ll reduce your energy consumption by two-thirds if you cook stuff in the microwave rather than in the stove (even if yours is gas). It’s not a good idea, for many reasons, to eat only microwaveable meals, but if you’re reheating leftovers—especially small amounts—microwaves are much more efficient than the stove top. You’ll also help keep the kitchen cooler, which is a bonus in hot summer months.

3.        Go for a good cast iron or stainless steel skillet. Don’t go for cookware with non-stick surfaces. Choose sturdy utensils rather than cheap ones as it can be harmful to you. Most nonstick cookware these days is coated with Teflon, which contains chemicals. Cooking with Teflon has also been shown to kill birds. Cast Iron is a great alternative, providing precise temperature control and good browning.

4.        Stock your fridge. A full fridge uses less energy than an empty one: Every time you open and close the door, the fridge has to kick into re-regulate its temperature. If there’s food in there already, there’s less outside air introduced, therefore less outside air that needs to be cooled. And don’t ever refrigerate uncovered food: Not only does it make it taste gross, but it also humidifies the air makes the motor work harder.

Purchasing from the bulk bins mean less packaging, and fewer trips to the store, and can also mean financial   savings

5.        Stick with green cleaning, rather than using chemical versions in the kitchen. You can also take help from companies like  https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/maryland/, which can help you to removing pests from your kitchen.

Make your own cleaning products if you feel up to it. There are a lot of innovative ways to capture the cleaning power of vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. For example:

  •   Scrub your toilet with vinegar and baking soda.
  •    Cut through greasy counter tops with the power of baking soda.
  •    Use baking soda to get rid of grease and freshen laundry.
  •   Vinegar can clean the bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms throughout your home.
  •    When it’s time to buy new appliances, look for the Energy Star label to save on the amount of energy needed to run the equipment

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