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Designer Babies!

It was interesting to come across the news http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/US-clinic-promises-designer-babies/rssarticleshow/4214980.cms
that you can literally design your baby according to your choice!

Time has gone when you have to wait for 9 months to see your baby exact looks. Its Tech world after all. Why not do experiments with babies also? You get what you pay!
“Steinberg’s clinic, the world’s largest provider of the process of gender choice, has received “five or six” requests from couples for the new service which involves embryo selection, not genetic modification. He expects the first trait selection baby to be born next year and the cost of the process to be $18,000. ”

The science is based on a procedure which is known as a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) that for years has allowed doctors to identify potentially lethal diseases and conditions in embryos.

I wonder if we are going in right direction!

Why not we leave some happenings to happen in a natural way. We never know with passage of time how many things we will have for which we can really depend upon God.When Motherhood can be achieved artificially then why not babies. If you want long, straight nose you can really place an order and pay for it. Isn’t it something odd. Then you will find babies with perfect features and when you see some baby who is not having so-called features of choice, he will be classified under the needy section of the society.
My vote is strictly against such happenings. We should never play with nature. Disturbing the natural happening can lead to harmful consequences. If we play with the genetics of the baby then his natural set up of the body will be disturbed and this can lead to some problems in future.

Babies are God’s messenger to spread love around. Please leave them the way they come into this world!

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