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International Women’s Day Celebration Activities in Singapore-I

International Women’s Day celebrations started with a spark in Singapore by launching of GRACE programme by

People’s Association Women’s Integration Network (WIN) council, an umbrella body for the grassroots Women’s Executive Committees. GRACE has 52 women mentors in their 20s to their 50s from fields as diverse as advertising, engineering, and teaching. They will play mentor for at least two years to 20 girls from families with monthly incomes of $18, 00 or less.

“Under GRACE, THE GIRLS GET TUTORING, ARE ENROLLED IN ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES AND IF NEEDED GIVEN UP TO $500 A YEAR. In 1967, when WECs were first formed, many females were home-makers. WECs therefore provided opportunities for women in the heartlands to learn life-skills, such as sewing and cooking. Besides giving them basic employment skills, the WECs also engaged them in meaningful social activities that allowed them to form bonds outside of their families as well as increased their self-confidence. 10But times and the profile of women have changed. Currently, under the charge of the Women’s Integration n537947636_1464753_2888030


Network (WIN) Council, there are 104 WECs with more than 2,000 executive members and nearly 5,000 WEC Associates. Some 36% of Women Executive Members are Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians, up from 27% a decade ago. 11To cater to changing needs and interests, the diverse activities and programmes organized by the WECs now range from seminars on career and financial planning to classes on holistic spa therapy and hip-hop dance. Last year alone, the WECs collectively organized nearly 7,000 programmes that attracted close to 700,000 participants. WECs have kept pace to remain relevant for today’s women from all walks of life. 12WECs are also increasingly becoming a focal point to galvanize women into action for a range of social issues which include community bonding, nurturing the young and helping the less fortunate. 13One example of this is Admiral Garden WEC, who not only collaborate with schools and community organizations to raise funds for the School Pocket Money Fund but also organize health screenings like mobile mammograms and pap smears, which they bring to the women in their constituency. They also organize talks on financial management to empower women, especially those from poorer families to better manage their households.”

I felt so motivated while observing all these facts when mentioned in the event! Committee work from the grassroots level can help a lot when women themselves are involved. Many stalls were set up from different organizations like Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, Heart Foundation of Singapore, Healthy Times Magazine and others. Breast Cancer Foundation created awareness regarding how to do self-test at home to locate the lump.

Its time to outreach to society. Every Independent woman should come out to outreach the needy in society for the benefit of womenfolk only!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!

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