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Episode 5-Global Women Talk (GWT): Toxic Positivity

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Global Women Talk(GWT) is a talk show for women of substance! In the fifth episode, GWT women leaders are weighing their opinions on toxic positivity!

Women from different backgrounds from across the globe have gathered together to run a GWT show to voice their opinion on topics that concerns all women across the globe. Global Women Talk is all about showing unity in diversity in the women tribe reflecting that wherever they are, they are connected by the same bond of love together. These women believe in sharing their wisdom and insights with other women across the globe, regarding leadership, personal excellence, self-confidence, overcoming social pressure and many more topics.

GWT show aims at reaching out to as many women across the globe and empowers them with various mindset strengthening insights so they can excel in life.

Toxic Positivity

It is always been thought that to be mentally healthy means being happy all the time. It is not always possible. Good mental health comes from feeling all sorts of emotions, whether comfortable or uncomfortable, “positive” or “negative”.

Toxic positivity is to focus to be positive at all costs, no matter what is the situation. It is the mindset that even when faced with challenges, people should always maintain a positive outlook. It is quite possible that toxic positivity can be reflected in your own self-talk as well as when you are connecting with others.

Here are some signs that positivity has turned toxic:

  • You refuse to accept feelings that aren’t “positive”
  • You feel bad for going through “negative” emotions
  • You’re running away from uncomfortable feelings

Meet the women of Global Women Talk-

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