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Tagore Society Celebrating Tagore Jayanti Through a Powerful Play based on Tagore’s Work- Jeevit Ya Mrit

As an online media partner Womenlines is delighted to share about an upcoming play on a compelling story by Rabindra Nath Tagore. Singapore Tagore Society brings to you play ‘Jeevit Ya Mrit’!!

A theatre play directed by a woman for a woman raising the question- Is the existence of the woman in our society is meaningful?

Aiming to promote excellence in women by highlighting what they are going through in society which needs attention from everybody, Director Dr Anuradha Kapur, Former Professor and Director at National School of Drama, will be showcasing the most radical interpretation of ‘Jeevit Ya Mrit’, that will give the audience a different reading of the story. By challenging established hierarchies and practices, Anuradha Kapur has influenced India’s theatre landscape in no small way.

National Award winner and an intense performer  Seema Biswas will enthral you by her acting skills playing the role of a widow Kadambari, who comes back from Dead. She will be performing the soliloquy to articulate the abandoned worlds of widows in India, even today who navigate different kinds of death all through their lives.

Date-Singapore 24th/26th May 2019

Venue– Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, S 439053

24 May, Friday, 7:15 pm

26 May Sunday, 3:00 pm, 6:15 pm

Book your tickets now at

Tickets bit.ly/JeevitYaMrit



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