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Freelancing sites for writers!

Freelancing sites for writers

The Internet has made life easier for women especially those who are freelancing!

All my writer friends, if you are searching for projects for content writing to carry from home and hoping to get paid for that then Chillibreeze is the answer to it. Chillibreeze is a design and content company, which leverages the power of the Internet and the talent pool of India. I came across this site while just searching for home jobs. Chillibreeze has a network of talented writers in its content division and an in-house team of designers in its headquarters in Shillong, Meghalaya India. The company is based in The Software Technology Park in Shillong.

Chillibreeze has also empowered many women through its writer’s network. Women want work which provides the flexibility of time so that they can balance work and home with their ease. Platforms like Chillibreeze is a blessing to such women. Chillibreeze Writer Services & Projects provide ample of work resources to a woman, and that too they can carry their work from any part of the world!

Trust and flexibility are the features which Chillibreeze provides to all writers. Just go for it!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!

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