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Monthly Full Moon Meditation Session by Julie Chatlani Belani

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome contributor Julie Chatlani Belani who is an Entrepreneur and Transformational Coach / Speaker. In her article, Julie is sharing about how Full Moon Meditation can help you to shift your life towards a positive direction-

Julie Chatlani Belani has made a commitment to herself to conduct a Monthly Full Moon Meditation Session every Full Moon. As she says, “Her Life shifted miraculously from the step she took last year on February 19, 2018 (one of the full moons) when she looked up to the moon and shared every dream and desire that she felt could perhaps shift her life and how she felt about life at that stage.

What is our purpose? Why do we have all that inner turmoil???  For me …Letting go of the DESIRE to WIN & CULTIVATING the DESIRE to COMMUNICATE helped me break through everything and everyone that I felt at some point of time standing in my way…and that includes ME too! A lot of times we don’t even realise that by not communicating and or expressing our wants, needs, and desires we are standing in our own way!

If you don’t stand up for what you want, who will? If you don’t love yourself enough…why would you expect anyone else to love you the way you want them to. The way you love yourself shows others how they could love you and not only that it inspires others how to love themselves. You are not your name, your occupation, your title, or the number of awards you have won. You are eternally light & divine regardless of what you have done or failed to do…..regardless of what family you have lived in or what you have been labelled in.

In God’s intelligence, in the universe, in our highest self…..what ever name we want to give it…..whatever religion we are from…. we are all holy & have a purpose for being here.

Life to me is about finding that purpose, staying with that purpose and sharing your purpose with the world so your gifts can spread the wings of others too.

Know that there are no accidents. Find growth in all your life’s experiences….after all, life is the meaning you give to it…your reality is the meaning you give to it. Choose the meaning of your life wisely as that is going to declare your destiny.

You are a Divine Being…we all are! You are not reading this by chance as we all know that there are no accidents.

“You are a spiritual being having a human experience and NOT a human being having a spiritual experience”- Dr Wayne Dyer

On this Full Moon (18th of May from 19:30 to 21:30 pm @ ECP next to Campsite Area D, Singapore), Julie will be conducting more than just a guided meditation. She will be including processes, tools, and techniques that helped shift and shape who she is today.

Today she shares with passion and purpose her life journey to help people who find themselves stuck in life and lost as to why they are where they are and not where they want to be today.

Watch and listen to this video to find out why you should join her this full moon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v2_gzIvQJA&feature=share

Once you have decided to join her, please register on the link below-


As a gift to the universe and to her highest self, she chooses to conduct this Full Moon Meditation for FREE.

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