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Success with Payal:How to Ask for a Raise in Salary?

Welcome to ‘Success with Payal’ series at Womenlines!

Womenlines takes pleasure to introduce Payal Nanjiani, a US-based globally acclaimed inspirational speaker, leadership and success coach, as an Influencer for ‘Corporate Success Tips’ on Womenlines panel. Payal will be sharing exclusive content with Womenlines which can help women working in the corporate sector to develop leadership skills and success mindset. Payal will look forward to replying to queries from Womenlines readers too! Feel free to drop your questions in the comment section. This month read and listen from her about ‘How to ask for a raise in salary?

I still remember that dinner evening when a friend of mine looked very disturbed. On inquiring, she told me of her frustration that for the past seven years she hadn’t got any salary hike. No doubt that she had always mustered the courage to ask for one, but the reply was never a promising one. Many women in the workforce face the issue of asking for a salary raise. One mistake that most women make is to ask directly for a salary raise giving reasons like these:


  1. I have worked in this company for more than six years
  2. I work more than any other in my department.
  3. My workload has increased.
  4. The cost of living has increased.
  5. My friends in another company are getting more than me in the same role.

Do you feel these reasons are good enough for the management to give you a salary raise? And let’s assume they provide it to you; would it be the right amount of increment? I often coach women on becoming a game-changing leader and one of the things I continuously mention to them is to talk about the value they bring to the table. Your boss thinks in terms of value and outcome. You’ve got to have an evident understanding of your worth, your expertise and what you bring to the table. You’ve got to clearly articulate what differentiates you from the rest. You must be able to show how you’ve been continuously enhancing your value in terms of knowledge, learning, and mindset. These are very imperative when speaking about a salary raise. So, the next time you want to ask for a salary raise, pause for a moment and ask yourself what value are you bringing in that can lead to a salary raise. Raise your value to such extent that it’s hard for anyone to reject you and your demands.


A full podcast episode on this topic is available on my podcast channel for women- iSucceed.


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Payal Nanjiani

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