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Hack Emotional Intelligence to Achieve your Dreams

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Womenlines welcomes readers and viewers in ‘Coffee with Influencers’ Series under IWD 2020 Special edition of Womenlines! It is a pleasure to share about Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi from Switzerland.   Dr Ruby is a Multi-Award Winner TEDx Inspirational Speaker, HR Trainer and Goodwill Ambassador, Women Empowerment, Emotional Intelligence. Listen to her interview in the video above to learn smart ways how you can use ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in your favour-

Dr Ruby received Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award at Women Economic Forum, Lisbon and India. She was nominated Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneur by Swiss Entrepreneur Magazine. She received the WAW Honorary Award 2019 in London. She is a finalist in She Inspires, organized by Inspiring Indian Women, at the iconic house of Parliament, London. She has been nominated for Mayor’s Award 2020 for International Women’s Day by Wages UK.

“Education is a continuous mission of life, never stop
learning – learn something new every day. Find your own
tribe – Empower Girl Child & educate your sons! Support
more and more like-minded people – try to inculcate good
values, wisdom and cultural sense within yourself and in
people around you.” She firmly believes in the
institution of Family, if you have wonderful support of
your parents, kids and an understanding husband; facing
challenges of life becomes easier and you emerge a

Her latest venture RAY Academy Swiss – Re-Invent the awesome You, is for helping people to develop Public Speaking Skills. It is an initiative to reach out to people to build their communication skills, make speaking fun & create an Impact! Dr Ruby’s objective for 2020 is to create more awareness about her social projects, have a bigger team of happy &willing volunteers, provide innovative methods of learning! Organize creative educational sessions on her youtube channel and train more like-minded people across the world!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_GI2pV0T8Lo7O-oYRnyVpQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ruby_bakshi
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rubybakshikhurdi/?hl=fr

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