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Health is Wealth Show- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Expert Suzanne Alfandari

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It is a pleasure to welcome Suzanne Alfandari, Motivational Interviewing Trainer, EFT Tapping Trainer, and Licensed Therapist from California in ‘Health is Wealth’ show at Womenlines!

Suzanne Alfandari, M.S., a California, USA, licensed psychotherapist and trainer of mental health providers, has been working with people for over 20 years, supporting them in reaching their goals.

She is an Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT Tapping coach, working with people around the world, and is a contributing author to the book, Clinical EFT Handbook:  A Definitive Resource for Practitioners, Scholars, Clinicians, and Researchers.  Vol 1.  

Suzanne ‘s work is most effective for clients who are insightful and successful but still struggling with depression, anxiety, emotional/physical trauma, or feeling stuck in life and are ready to change now.

Suzanne knows, supporting clients with positive results into greater creativity and life satisfaction, can happen within a relatively short period of time.

Suzanne is a member of MINT, the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. She combines Motivational Interviewing with EFT Tapping, helping guide clients to their desired goals.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, employs the use of clients tapping their fingers on 10 acupuncture meridian points, while repeating specific statements suggested by the coach, from the information the client provides. These techniques help eliminate negative beliefs, accelerating the body’s natural ability to heal itself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Over 100 clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals clearly demonstrate that EFT is effective for • phobias • anxiety • depression • physical and emotional pain • posttraumatic stress disorders (e.g. PTSD). Additionally, EFT treatment can help people improve their business, athletic and artistic performance.

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