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Young Achiever Janani Shivakumar Message for Teen-Agers Across the Globe

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It is a pleasure to share about a very young achiever Janani Shivakumar from New Jersy. Janani is an environmental and animal rights activist, as well as the founder of Girls Play Global, a non-profit initiative to empower girls in rural India through sports. She is a youth United Nations SDGs advocate and gives workshops in schools and colleges about addressing global issues. Janani is also involved in and works with various youth organizations that are advocating for climate action, gender equality, and animal liberation. Listen about her achievements in her own words in the video above. Please follow her link to help her out in her noble initiative-

Girls Play Global is a non-profit initiative to educate and empower girls in rural India through the power of sports. We aim to combat gender discrimination against girls and improve their self-confidence, physical fitness, and mental wellness through free soccer training. We also believe that creating awareness about global issues like climate change and gender equality is crucial to the success of any girl, so our organization educates girls about the United Nations SDGs using sports as a creative tool. By providing them with access to safe playing fields and tournaments, girls are able to enhance their abilities and become better role models in their communities. 

Request for Support:

Girls Play Global is in the process of expanding our reach across India. We are currently focused on government and government-aided schools in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, but we are looking to support many more schools that are in need of equipment and coaches to establish a girls soccer team. Our primary goal is for girls from low economic backgrounds to discover their inner potential and express their incredible talent through our platform. If anyone is aware of a school that is interested in forming a team or if you are interested in sponsoring a team to help us reach our goal of supporting 20 schools in 2020, you can reach us through our website, girlsplayglobal.org or email us at contact@girlsplayglobal.org. We thank you for your support!

Donations: We are also looking for donations to help us provide the teams with the necessary equipment(soccer balls, goal posts, etc.) and apparel so if anyone is interested in making a generous contribution to help girls in India achieve their goals and dreams, you can donate through this link. http://www.girlsplayglobal.org/kicks-for-climate-action/

Contact:Website: girlsplayglobal.org Email: contact@girlsplayglobal.org

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