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Health is Wealth Show: Super tips to Enhance Stamina and Fight Fatigue

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Naturopath Ketki Vinayachandran, Holistic Healer Brigette and Family Physician Dr Loo Hui Voon in the ‘Health is Wealth’ show. The panel discussion between all the experts is highlighting the need for the attention required on various aspects of lifestyle, food and self-care which can attribute to the enhancement of Stamina and give strength to womenfolk to fight fatigue. Listen to the wonderful share in the video to get tips to fight fatigue-

Ketki Vinayachandra

Strong healthcare and professional background – Experienced Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist with a demonstrated history of working in the alternative medicine industry. Skilled in Hormone, Digestive, Respiratory, Autoimmune, Skin, Pain Disorders & Public Speaking.

Visit her FB Page ‘Ask Ketki’

Dr Loo Hui Voon

Dr Loo Hui Voon is a family physician practising in Forum Medical Clinic in Forum Orchard. She believes strongly in integrative and holistic care in treating patients and managing health conditions.


Brigette (Kamakshi), holistic healing practitioner. Brigette is a Reiki master teacher, Yoga teacher trainee, Meditation practitioner. In her life learning path, she came across different energy tools to help her heal my mind, body and spirit. She uses EFT (Emotional freedom technique), Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Regression therapy and sound healing for healing session based on what the issue/energy leads to.
FB Page: @yourhealingplanet
Website: www.healing-planet.com

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