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Colours and their Importance in life- Colour Therapy

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Eitu Vij Chopra, founder of Karmic Therapy by Eitu, Co-founder & Chief Curator at Rex Ideas for action/life as an Influencer for Alternative therapies. Eitu provides holistic professional and personalized healing and psychic counselling for every facet of human life be it professional, financial or personal, helping people achieve their goals. This month Eitu has shared about the impact of ambient colours on human behaviour through colour therapy-

Nature always wears the colours of the spirit- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Colour is the life around us in the form of nature that displays its riot all year round and announces the ever-changing hues and seasons with songs of colour. The visual language that a colour embodies is processed first before we become aware of it consciously. The snow that may seem just white has myriad hues of white to a blue that makes it so calming and quiet’s the mind. And the same goes for sand each speck and grain of sand plays up with the sunrays to simmer in rainbow colours, creates mirages and gives hope.

Colour matters

Scientific studies have been carried out into the impact of ambient colours on human behaviour and body. Professor Nancy Kowalek (University of Texas, Austin) has studied the effect of colours on performance and life. Studies and research show that colours have a deep effect on moods, performance and productivity or
motivation and inspiration. Colours have played a very significant role in dynasties, cultures, religions, armies to corporate.
Organizations and institution have a colour that speaks of their philosophy, ethos and ideologies that they stand by. Since colour is a potent tool for communication on many levels hence the emphasis of its use worldwide in marketing a brand or to profess a philosophy.
The science and significance of colours as well as its tangible learning that plays a pivotal role in learning at every age and more so its effect on our psychology and mind has been worthy of its use in teaching tools and programs in schools worldwide. For Example Red is a sign of caution, danger passion and urgency and energy. Think why the STOP sign at the traffic signal is RED and the colour of LOVE to the same. Yellow stands for cheerfulness, friendliness, intellect, energy and warmth, think why a smile is yellow always and the sun is shown as yellow always and it’s not just like that that SUN is the biggest source of ENERGY in the universe.
White is the colour of freshness, hope, good light, purity and simplicity. Think of the colour of Dove the universal symbol of peace, a white colour used in summers to cool and white light for calmness in the hospitals.
Holi represents the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil. Traditionally the colours used in Holi came from flowers and herbs—which in the hot climate of India tend to produce bright natural dyes and the festival is replete with symbolism and mythology that talks of burning away the darkness and celebrating with colours with the onset of spring with gaiety and frolic. The deeper meanings are that the world is an illusion and life is passing by and yet it is filled with colours of the rainbow. It is the festival of renewal and forgetting the past and celebrating the NOW and power of CHANGE.

Colours have a deep impact on our mind and thoughts and the energy

Ways to balance energy and Chakras through colours of nature are:
Food or Nutrition Therapy: All-natural food in the environment have colours, each colour represent a specific nutritional supplement for repairing, building of different vital organs and emotions. For example, eating naturally orange food like papaya, melon almonds, walnuts mandarins, orange is good for kidney, liver, pancreas and reproductive organ health. One of the ways to heal the CHAKRAS is through Nutrition. A beautiful way of healing your energy centres that is the chakras of the body is by Nutrition and Colour therapy of food, supplements in colour is specific to each chakra and energy Centre and body organ and mental well-being. It’s a science to eat well to live well.

Colour Visualization: for different body parts also helps to align energy and give physical and mental calm during mediation.

Crystals: Crystals have energy and they grow and emit energy and have an impact on body energy centres and mind. Their power/energy is so important that for this reason, they are one of the most important components used in the circuitry of all electronic gadgets from phones to computers and so on. In the same way, they have the power to supplement our body and mind with energy. For example, citrine gives us clarity, confidence and raises our self-esteem hence helps in making a decision, making money and thus attaining self-power.

Eitu Vij Chopra

Educationist/ Fundraiser/Rex Mission Leader Founder at Karmic Therapy by Eitu, Co-founder & Chief Curator at Rex Ideas for Action/life coach and Energy worker/writer and poet. http://www.eituvijchopra.com/, Youtube

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