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How to be a Fun Mom!

I always felt that it is so boring always to be strict with your kids and act like a policeman to them. Always we are asking to them they have you brushed their teeth properly, have finished their homework when you will get up, etc. Kids will be so bored always seeing mummy placing an order for something or the other. I can understand that how important it is to raise kids in a certain disciplined way but we should not forget the importance of fun elements in life. Here are some ways in which you can spend some fun moments with your kids-

1. Play indoor picnic with your kids. You can properly plan your menu with your kid’s help and then have fun the way you have in an outdoor picnic.

2, Share your childhood stories with your kid. I just love doing this. Share the way you were scolded by your parents, how you spent your holidays, and how you played with your friends, there are so many things to share, you know better, right?:)

3. Wrestle with your kids, have pillow fights, do lots of cuddling and jump together.

4. Play board games and card games, for example, hearts and let them win at times.

5. Sing songs together and sing loudly.

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