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I am Proud to be a Vegetarian and Non-Alcohalic!

It sounds strange that why I am announcing to the whole world that I am a Vegetarian and Non-Alcoholic person! I am choosing not to drink option!


“Oh you don’t take alcohol, you don’t eat meat…aye how you survive in this world la!” ….these reactions have become part of my life now, particularly while I am staying in Singapore-the world’s most happening place known for its seafood and nightlife.  I am so happy that people around me have started accepting that it is possible to survive in this world without eating meat and without taking a drop of alcohol. I don’t want to sound like a preacher who talks about the harms which we do to our body while practising those habits. I just want to share with all my readers that it’s fantastic to be a vegetarian and non-alcoholic person. I really mean it, it feels great and I feel so nice about it.

After being questioned every time I thought of knowing why the prevalence of intake of alcohol is rising among females. I asked my Google uncle and he reported that-

Alcohol is a depressant drug-not a stimulant as many people think. Alcohol slows down activity in the central nervous system, which means it slows down the messages going between the brain and the body.

In small quantities, depressants such as alcohol cause people to become relaxed and lower their inhibitions. They feel more confident and often act in a more extroverted manner. It is the latest thing in town – to chill out after work in the pub. Many young women in have picked up on this new way to socialize. Kept in control, the occasional alcoholic drink will not hurt. But, the unfortunate thing is that alcohol is addictive and, many young women indulge in frequent bouts of binge drinking to keep up with their peers, just to fit in with the crowd or drown away their fears and sorrows.


In nutshell, women drink to show that they are part of the crowd and also to forget their sorrows. As when they intake alcohol they feel relaxed and confident. I question that why we don’t emphasize in searching other options to enhance our confidence and feel relaxed. I don’t have to elaborate on the harm to our health done after intake of alcohol. I suggest that it’s a beautiful life given to us by God and why we spoil it by intake of alcohol. I consider the soul as a temple and if I intake something which makes me forget who am I, I am certainly not interested in the intake. We should strive for that confidence and happiness with all our sorrows and bad experiences without the intake of a single drop of alcohol.

To drink or not to drink, the choice is yours….but why not we make such choice which helps us improving upon us for we love our family, or not?


Charu Mehrotra

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